Most Read Fashion Stories of 2018

With the new year here, we’re looking back on our most popular stories of 2018. From high end swimsuits and ethical fashion to natural beauty products, these are our most read fashion stories from 2018.

Luxury Swimwear


Kristen Taekmans Favorite Luxury Swimwear This Season Most Read Stories 2018


Fashion ambassador Kristen Taekman started the year looking at trends in luxury swimwear. From plunging backs to ruffles and frills, she broke down the top styles that were all the rage this year. These special details truly distinguish luxury swimwear lines from the others that may try to imitate.

Engagement Rings


The Perfect One_ An Engagement Ring for Every Style Most Read Stories 2018


The engagement ring is probably the most dreamed about piece of jewelry a woman will receive in her lifetime. With tastes varying so wildly, we explored engagement rings for every taste. From the classic diamond solitaire to new trends in mixed metals and vintage designs, there are no limits to matching the style of every future bride.

Natural Beauty


9 Natural Beauty Brands that Stylists Love


The importance of skin care in any beauty routine can’t be understated. We explored nine top natural beauty lines that stylists love. With features like probiotics and retinol, these products are created to nurture your skin. Natural skin care also ensures your beauty products are free of concerning fillers, chemicals, and preservatives.

Eco-Luxury Fashion


Which Eco-Luxury Fashion Lines Support Fair Trade_


Just like the awareness of what we put on our skin, consumers are more and more concerned about the products they buy as well. We delved into which eco-luxury lines support fair trade both with their own work but also that of their suppliers and manufacturers. These brands keep the luxury they are known for while ensuring when you purchase their products you’re supporting ethical fashion.

Timeless Accessories


7 Accessories That Will Never Go Out of Style


We love following fashion’s latest trends but there is always a place in our hearts for those timeless pieces that make just as much of a fashion statement twenty years from now as they do today. We narrowed down top seven accessories that will never go out of style. These must-have accessories are an essential part of every fashion lover’s wardrobe!

French Designers


New French Fashion Designers to Watch


The French have solidified their place as leaders in the world of style for centuries. With Paris giving rise to some of the most iconic designers in history, such as Coco Chanel, Jean-Paul Gaultier, and Yves Saint Laurent. Today a new generation of new French fashion designers are emerging. We examined the latest up and comers in French fashion design and shared our favorite six with you.

Workout Trends


The Latest Workout Trends, Gadgets and Athleisure Wear to Get You Inspired for 2018!


Once again fashion ambassador Kristin Taekman sorts through trends to embrace, this time exploring the latest and greatest in workout trends. Taekman breaks down the new styles of athleisure wear that is surging in popularity. In addition, she gave us her picks for the top new trends in self-care and exercise. She even went so far as to test out a full body cryotherapy machine and report back on the experience!

Nautical Style


Nautical Style Most Read Stories 2018


If there was ever a trend that surpasses time, nautical is it. This classic style is just as perfect for weekend yachting trips as it is for a brunch with friends. We broke down the nautical style essentials, favorite designers who specialize in nautical designs, as well as our top nautical inspired accessories.

Milan Fashion Week


Behind the Scenes at Milan Fashion Week


A trip to Milan fashion week is a dream for any fashionista, let alone a glimpse behind the scenes of this iconic event. We took a peek beyond the runway to see what really happens behind the scenes at Milan fashion week. From the Gucci models who carried replicas of their own heads to the immersive experience when Moncler abandoned the classic runway setup, there was much to see in Milan!

Megan Markle


Meghan Markle's Fall Style


Finally, what fashion year would be complete without looking back at one of the world’s most famous women of the hour, Megan Markle. Her path to Princessdom enchanted fans around the world and catapulted her to true style icon. We examined Megan Markle’s fall style and broke down her signature looks so you can get the look.

The wonderful thing about fashion is that it’s constantly changing and transforming. The year 2018 was wonderful but we know this year will be even better! Enjoy a glimpse into our most read fashion stories this year and be sure to sign up for our newsletter so you don’t miss what we have planned for 2019!

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Most Read Fashion Stories of 2018