Nautical Wear for Your Yacht Adventure

Planning a yachting adventure is great fun.  Dreams of the sea wind blowing in your hair and the sails billowing in the breeze.  But do not get so lost in chartering the yacht and planning your itinerary that you forget to pack!  Our guide to nautical wear for your yachting adventure will help you select the perfect looks for your vacation.  From footwear to accessories, our yacht fashion guide has you covered!


via Sperry

As much as you love your summer sandals and strappy heels, they are incredibly impractical on a yacht.  Choose flat soled loafers, boat shoes or other white rubber soled footwear.  The rubber will provide traction on deck to help avoid slips and falls.  Avoid black-soled rubber shoes as they may mar the deck of the yacht.

Our pick:  Sperry Sunbleach Boat Shoes – These comfortable and stylish boat shoes will help you keep your sea legs aboard the ship.


J Crew Swimsuit
via J Crew

If you are planning on enjoying the water while yachting, it is completely acceptable to wear a bathing suit on board.  Choose a lightweight cover-up to protect you from the sun and from any chilly winds that may crop up.

Our pick: J Crew Marysia™ Antibes one-piece swimsuit – This elegant one-piece will be comfortable enough to wear all day long, and will look lovely under a sheer cover up in the evening.


Tommy Hilfiger Dress
via Tommy Hilfiger

Dress for the weather and for mobility.  Flowing dresses and linen shorts make much more sense than tight cocktail dresses or three-piece suits.  Traditional nautical style sticks to conservative color palettes like navy, red, and tan, but you can feel to expand upon that color palette to suit your own personal taste.

Our pick: Tommy Hilfiger Silk Striped Maxi Dress – Nothing says nautical like a bold red and navy stripe, and this silk maxi dress is perfect for a sunny day on deck.


Rolex Submariner
via Rolex

You will want to keep non-functional accessories like earrings and bracelets to a minimum.  Avoid anything that is too loose or dangling, as they run the risk of getting caught in the rigging.  Useful accessories like sunhats, pashminas, sunglasses and sport watches are all wonderful choices aboard a yacht.

Our pick: Rolex Submariner Date – The Rolex Submariner watch is the classic sport watch for days on the yacht.


When you are shopping for your yachting adventure, you cannot go wrong with classic fashion designers like NauticaJ. Crew, and Tommy Hilfiger.  These brands’ preppy, nautical aesthetic is perfectly at home on deck.  Accessory designers like Sperry will provide you with fashions that are specifically designed for yachting.  Whatever you choose, select pieces that are comfortable and functional for a day on the water.

The best general rule to follow is to keep your look clean and crisp, free from unnecessary frills.  This polished nautical style will make you look a yacht is your natural environment.  If you are still in the planning stages of your yacht adventure, be sure to read our guide to chartering a private yacht for your next vacation.  Who is your favorite designer for nautical style?  Are there any tips that we missed?  Let us know in the comments or on social media!

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Nautical Wear for Your Yacht Adventure