Designer Sunglasses for Men

Fashionable sunglasses are more than just a functional accessory for a sunny day.  True luxury eye wear is expertly designed and crafted to be a significant part of your outfit as well as a manifestation of your personal style.  We have created this guide to our favorite designer sunglasses for men to help you make an informed decision before investing in a pair of your own.


The luxury jewelry brand, Bulgari, also creates lines of luxury sunglasses for both men and women.  The eye wear collections are meant to coordinate with their equally fashionable luxury watches.  This ensure your accessories do not compete with one another.

Urban and dynamic in spirit, innovative in executions and design. The Diagono eyewear collection combines function with style, featuring resolute lines and distinctive traits typical of our Diagono watch collection.


Dolce & Gabbana’s men’s frames are sleek and chic.  They eliminate any unnecessary detailing so that the frames you are left with are simple, streamlined, and gorgeous. Their understated style is one of the most appealing characteristics of their men’s frames.

Masculine frames become daring with the use of exclusive materials and recognizable stylistic details which further characterize the style.


Bentley is known for making ultra-luxurious automobiles, but in 2010 they began a collaboration with Estede.  Estede is a manufacturer of bespoke luxury eye wear, combining artisan skill with high end materials.  The result is a line of exceptional, handcrafted eye wear made from 18k gold and platinum. Oh, and of course your eye wear is made to fit perfectly into your Bentley Mulsanne.

Easy to wear, simple and informal, these pieces are equally a remarkable expression of bespoke craftsmanship and technical expertise, forged from the most precious and rare materials


Sunglasses made by Maybach are an extension of your jewelry collection.  Maybach handcrafts the glasses in Germany from rare and precious materials, taking luxury eye wear to a new level.  Find even more exclusive frames in their Special Edition collection.

Painstakingly wrought by hand, these unique masterpieces are enhanced by the most luxurious and precious materials that the eye wear lover`s world can provide. MAYBACH eye wear is a timeless investment.


Beverly Hills designer Franco began creating luxury eye wear in 2004.  Since then he has released several collections of handcrafted sunglasses that manage to be both modern and timeless.  Luxuriator frames are recognizable by the diamond rings on the side of the frames, a Franco trademark.

Each frame in the Luxuriator Collection is carefully manufactured, assembled and finished by hand ensuring the highest level of quality and finish. As time progresses, the Luxuriator Collection is committed to designing new styles and concepts using new materials and the latest technology.

Any of the brands on our list promises to provide you with an exceptional pair of sunglasses to suit your wardrobe.  Whether you are buying a pair for yourself or as gift for a loved one, these glasses will be well loved.  Which of these brands best matches your personal style?

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Designer Sunglasses for Men