The Casual Streetwear Influence on Business Fashion

There is no doubt that casual streetwear has had a major influence on the world of fashion. Streetwear is, by definition, a style of clothes that meant to be worn on the street. Characterized often by oversized garments, graphic logos, sneakers, hoodies, and other casual pieces, it’s not usually what most would consider work-appropriate. As streetwear gains in mainstream popularity, we are seeing its reach extend into the workplace. We are taking a look at the streetwear influence on business casual fashion, and how you can incorporate streetwear style in your office look.

Supreme x Louis Vuitton Collaboration



Supreme x Louis Vuitton streetwear luxury collaboration
Photo courtesy of Supreme


Perhaps the most well-publicized example of streetwear influence was last season’s Supreme x Louis Vuitton street wear luxury collaboration. This controversial collaboration between a luxury brand and a hugely popular streetwear brand was immensely successful. The entire collection sold out incredibly fast, and many pieces are now for re-sale at a huge markup.


The new Monogram variation fused with Supreme’s iconic Box Logo is showcased on a range of garments, leather goods and accessories; available in a cognac and chocolate color way, referring to the original 1896 Louis Vuitton Monogram canvas, as well as pale washed Japanese denim and camouflage jacquard.


footwear How Streetwear is Influencing Business Casual
Photo courtesy of Timberland


Inspired by the speakeasy revelers of the 1920s, the Bardstown collection uses lightweight Horween® leathers and clean, handcrafted styling to strike the perfect balance of rugged and refined.


Luxury footwear has had streetwear influence for nearly a decade now. For evidence of this, just take a look at the numerous sneaker streetwear luxury collaborations we have seen in recent years. In addition to designer brands creating streetwear-inspired footwear, many streetwear brands are offering more work-appropriate pieces. We love the clean look of the Plain toe Chukka boots from Timberland.



Bags with Streetwear influence How Streetwear is Influencing Business Casual
Photo courtesy of Off-White


We have seen casual streetwear influence in the bags worn to the office as well. Some streetwear bags might be too garish for the workplace, so be selective in your shopping. A crossbody bag from popular streetwear designer Off-White is work-ready while adding some style to your business casual look.


Visible logos are emblematic of streetwear style. Half of the allure of streetwear is showing off the name brand you are rocking. To make logo-heavy pieces work for work, brands pair them with traditional formal silhouettes.


Balenciaga How Streetwear is Influencing Business Casual
Photo courtesy of Balenciaga


This all-over logo sweater from Balenciaga benefits from a sleek, form-fitting silhouette. If paired with slacks and a sharp blazer, this streetwear-inspired sweater is perfect for a casual day at the office.


Gucci How Streetwear is Influencing Business Casual
Photo courtesy of Gucci


A two-button formal jacket from the runway gets a modern twist with the NY Yankees patch. In a collaboration that stemmed from the Creative Director’s love for his Yankees baseball hat, Gucci incorporated a mix of Major League Baseball teams into the Fall Winter 2018 Fashion Show collection.


Considerably less subtle is Gucci’s wool jacket emblazoned with the Yankees logo. This is an unexpected but very well received luxury streetwear collaboration. This traditionally cut wool blazer gets a jolt of style with the addition of a huge Yankees logo. While not appropriate for all workplaces, this jacket is sure to be appreciated in a fashion-forward office.


streetwear luxury collaboration
Photo courtesy of Barney’s


Traditional button-downs get casual streetwear makeovers with bold prints. Vetements is a hugely popular hypebeast brand. Their Receipt print button-down shirt can easily be made work-friendly.



Bape glasses How Streetwear is Influencing Business Casual
Photo courtesy of Bape


If you are looking to add just a touch of streetwear influence to your office wardrobe, consider working in accessories from popular streetwear brands. These chic frames from Japanese streetwear designer Bape add just a touch of edge to an outfit.


Armani Exchange Watch How Streetwear is Influencing Business Casual
Photo courtesy of Armani Exchange


Armani Exchange collaborated with #ST_ART on a line of graffiti-inspired pieces. While many of the garments are likely too casual for even casual Friday, this Alex LeHours watch is work-appropriate.


Palace socks How Streetwear is Influencing Business Casual
Photo courtesy of Palace


Finally, if you are really nervous about bringing streetwear style to your workplace, start with your socks. Interesting socks have been acceptable with suits for a while now, these black socks from popular streetwear brand Palace are an easy way to bring the streets to work.

So, what do you think of the casual streetwear influence on business casual? Do you see yourself adding any pieces to your wardrobe?

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The Casual Streetwear Influence on Business Fashion