Changing the Definition of Nude

Any fashionista worth her salt knows the benefits of a good nude shoe. A high heeled nude pump extends the look of a woman’s legs, creating the illusion of long, slender line. Nude shoes are the ultimate neutral. You can pair them with any pattern dress, any color skirt. Every woman should have a pair in her closet, but have not been able to. For decades, the fashion industry and top designers have limited the color “nude” to one specific shade. This short sightedness has excluded thousands if not millions of fashionistas. Finally, designers and brands are understanding the importance of being inclusive and recognizing all human beings. The color “nude” in fashion is evolving to be more reflective of reality for women all over the globe. This is how the nude definition is evolving.

Nude Wardrobe Staples

The New Nudes
Photo Courtesy of Khaled Ghareeb/Unsplash

Shoes aren’t the only part of your wardrobe that can benefit from nude colored pieces. Nude undergarments blend in to become invisible under your clothing. Nude fabric on a red carpet dress can create the illusion that the garment defies gravity. However, when your skin tone is  darker than your “nude” undergarments, the effect cannot be achieved. The too light undergarments will “glow” under the dress, distracting from the desired effect and created a look that is not polished and less than desirable. A wider range of color options in the “nude” spectrum of undergarments allows more women to create the look they desire to achieve.

Trendsetters and Fashionistas

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You have probably heard all this before but for decades, the fashion industry’s definition of nude has been hugely different from that of the dictionary. Nude literally means naked, unclothed. But your unclothed body likely looks significantly different from that of Priyanka Chopra, Amal Clooney, or Lupita Nyong’o. These trendsetters and fashionistas are public examples of the beautiful diversity we have in our world.

For anyone without fair Caucasian skin, there have been few options for nude pieces that actually matched their own skin tone. The beauty world has made strides to be inclusive of a range of skin tones in makeup, although there is still progress to be made.

The New Nudes

Photo Courtesy of Christian Louboutin

Christian Louboutin recently made headlines with his Nudes Collection of beautiful shoes in a range of nudes.The motto of Louboutin’s Nudes line is “A nude for every woman.” The flats, pumps, and open-toed T-straps come in seven nudes, ranging from very fair to dark. We applaud the Loubatin brand for changing the definition of nude for the fashion industry. We hope that other designers begin to be more inclusive of every woman’s beauty, regardless of her skin color.

Do you own any nude shoes?  Be sure to pick up your own from the Loubatin collection, both to support his innovation and inclusion of diverse women, and to look fabulous. To see more of our favorite shoes from Christian Louboutin, please enjoy our article about the best sneakers from the iconic shoe designer.

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Changing the Definition of Nude