Nancy Reagan: Classic American Style

Oscar de la Renta once said that Nancy Reagan “never made a single faux pas.”  He was referring to Nancy Reagan’s consistent eye for fashion.  Her classically American aesthetic was both understated and elegant.  Mrs. Reagan will be remember for many things, not the least of which was the sense of style she brought to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

Reagan Red

As first lady, Mrs. Reagan knew what looks worked best for her and turned those looks into a signature style.  Many of her most well known looks feature her famous “Reagan Red.”  This fire engine red color has gone on to be a staple choice in the wardrobes of politicians and their spouses.

Adolfo Suits

In an era where fashion leaned toward the garish, Mrs. Reagan’s choices were simple and clean.  Her Adolfo suits even influenced the “power suit” movement of the early 80s.

Inaugural Gowns

The gown she wore for President Reagan’s 1981 inauguration was a white beaded one-shouldered sheath gown of lace over silk satin, designed by James Galanos.   Galanos would prove to be one of Mrs. Reagan’s favorite designers, even designing the dress she wore in her official White House portrait.

Who do you think has been the most fashionable First Lady?

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Nancy Reagan: Classic American Style