The Evolution of Eco Friendly Fashion

When it comes to the biggest polluting industries on the planet, it’s no surprise that the fossil fuel business (oil, gas and coal) is ranked number one.  And it may shock you that coming in at number two is the garment and fashion industry.

From the way we grow traditional cotton, to the dyeing process, to the production of rayon and nylon (which are petroleum based), to the dumping of toxic chemicals into water ways and the horrid way garment workers are treated, all of this and more adds up to a massive toll on our planet and people.

But like many things in life, where you find the worst, you also find the best in the form of innovators.

Many brands know the toll they are taking on the environment and want to change their footprint.  Companies are realizing that to continue existing, they must take care of their number one source…nature.  To make beautiful cotton shirts, you need healthy cotton planets.  The quality of a breathtaking cashmere wrap can only be as beautiful as the goat is healthy.  Taking care of the environment has become a bottom line for many companies.

To make a sustainable business (sustainable as in the company will continue to thrive for years to come) means that companies need to be sustainable (as in sustainable for the environment).

This means investing money.  And who can easily invest money and pass that cost onto their clients?  Luxury brands!  Their clients are happy paying top dollar for better quality, better workmanship and a more luxurious product…in fact, these clients demand it.

Stella McCartney is a perfect example of this.  Her brand has always been non-leather for animal welfare but she has also committed to become more transparent in the way all her goods are manufactured.

Maiyet lives on the idea that fashion can be gorgeous, and handmade.  And Reformation looks at all their fabric and how they can improve their impact on the environment with every single piece they make.

Now, not all luxury brands care.  Some are solely in it for the profits and continue to rape our planet.

But as a consumer you have a voice and the best “voting power” in the world…in your wallet.  Choose to support brands who stand up for our environment, who treat workers fairly and who are truly sustainable.

Then EcoLuxury can save the world.

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The Evolution of Eco Friendly Fashion