FashionTap: A New Social Media

How many times have you been scrolling through social media when you discover a must-have item?  Perhaps it was a fabulous bag, a drop-dead gorgeous lip color, or a sexy pair of boots.  Now imagine you could buy those items with a few taps of your finger.  That is the principle behind FashionTap, an amazing new social media app.



FashionTap: Fashion at the Tap of Your Fingers


Developed by former model and PR rep Amy Roiland, the app serves as a way for fashion lovers to connect with one another and with the brands they adore.  We talked with her to get her inside take on what FashionTap is and how it could change the industry.


I was working in PR for an e commerce company when my boss asked me to find her fashion bloggers in Austin for SXSW to wear our handmade denim. I went back to my computer and was searching for hours and hours. I couldn’t believe the fashion world didn’t have one social network, one social platform, for everyone to be found by what they do and where they lived.

I also hated going onto other social networking apps and wanting what everyone was wearing but having a hard time finding out what they were wearing. Sometimes they would respond and when they did it would be vague like, “Those jeans are by ASOS,” and I would have to search 100 pages to find the jeans…. I also felt like people needed to be paid for pushing other brands and designers out there. We post selfies all day long and tell everyone who makes our lipstick, but why not be paid a small cut of that when doing so? I made this app so everyone wins in the end.


Amy saw a gap in the social media market that needed filling.  There just was no good way for fashion lovers to connect and share their passion.


No one has come up with a good solution to help these brands not only be found but to drive sales easily. Everyone is piggy backing off of other social networks that weren’t even built for them. They are trying to mold those networks into FASHION social networks, and they just aren’t that.




The FashionTap App


FashionTap solves that problem by allowing users to create clickable links from their uploaded photos directly to online retailers.  With the app, when you click on that fab handbag, the app will direct you to the online boutique where you can immediately purchase the bag for yourself.

Earn Money

The app can provide financial benefits for its users as well as exposure.  If you upload your #OOTD to FashionTap, you can link to the retail sources for each part of your look.  If another FashionTap user purchases from those stores after clicking your photo, you will earn a commission on that sale.  That means free money for posting an image you probably would have shared anyway.


I hope this app really helps everyone and especially helps out the little guy. I have a girl on my app named Daniella (@daniella_schutze), she’s a smaller blogger and she is incredible. I found her on IG struggling to get ahead with only 600 followers. I brought her onto my app and featured her and now she has close to 3k followers. She is seriously amazing. I also have some really killer indie brands and designers and retailers and boutiques on the app. Our makeup girls are incredible, and I am so happy to help them be found for work and also finally be able to monetize their makeup. Everyone is a walking billboard, so why not be paid for it?



Watch this short video to learn a little bit more about the FashionTap app.  We think this app is great, so get in on the ground floor of this new social media.  We even have our own profile on FashionTap because we are so impressed with it. The app is available in the App Store now!

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FashionTap: A New Social Media