Behind the Scenes at Milan Fashion Week

As usual with Fashion Weeks around the world, social media provides the best way to get a look behind the scenes. Thanks to the accounts of fashion designers, influencers, and models, we can get access to what goes on behind the scenes at Milan Fashion Week. Instagram and YouTube are the best places to get glimpses backstage at the top designers showing at Milan Fashion Week.

Moncler Genius



Instead of a traditional runway show, Moncler opted to unveil a massive exhibition space.  Within the Palazzo Delle Scintille, several designers working in collaboration with Moncler revealed their collections.  One collection will be released to the public per month, beginning in June, so this may be the only glimpse we get at these designs for months.  Get a closer look at this immersive event on the Fashion Channel YouTube channel.




Fendi made waves this season by partnering with FILA on a few key pieces in their Autumn/Winter 2018 collection.  These activewear-inspired pieces melded with other more traditional Fendi looks.  Catch a look at what went into this stunning show on the Fendi YouTube channel.




Armani put forth a classically chic collection in Milan this season.  The brand’s offerings focused on refined but strong work separates for women, and the brand’s YouTube channel takes you behind the scenes of the collection.  Giorgio Armani explained his desire to keep the collection refined by saying: “Fashion can’t be a means to have the media talk about you. We have to move and excite but without going overboard – it’s too easy.”  There are many who interpreted this comment as a slam on Gucci and their Autumn/Winter runway show.




Easily the buzziest runway collection, Gucci’s show featured models walking the runway carrying 3D replicas of their own heads.  Meant to symbolize a person’s struggle to find their own identity, the eerily accurate heads took months to create.  The official Gucci Instagram account detailed the complicated process of developing this shocking runway accessory.

Milan Fashion Week on Instagram



You can find even more looks behind the scenes on the Milan Fashion Week Instagram account and on the #MFW hashtag.  The Milan Fashion Week account gives followers exclusive closer looks at the fashions shown on the runway, as well as glimpses at the work that goes into each and every show.  The #MFW hashtag is a place where you can find photos and videos from brands and influencers alike.  It is fascinating to view Fashion Week from a variety of perspectives!

Do you follow along with Fashion Week on social media?  We love the instant access to all things Milan Fashion Week!  Be sure to follow us on social media as well, for all things luxury!  You might also want to go behind the scenes at London Fashion Week as well.

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Behind the Scenes at Milan Fashion Week