The Latest Workout Trends: Gadgets and Athleisure Wear to Get You Inspired for 2018!

Here we are again…a full year has come and gone; it’s officially 2018! The holidays have left us fulfilled and well, just plain old FULL. Whether you are traveling, visiting loved ones, on vacation or just getting some much needed R & R, we are all facing the same question at the top of each and every new year: What are my new years resolutions? We usually pick a few and if you are anything like me, exercise is always at the top of my list. Did you know that 73% of the world has “get in shape” as a new years resolution? And gym memberships increase by more than 30% to 40% in January? New Year, New You, New Me! LOL So if we can’t beat them, we might as well join them right?

Each year I search for the newest fads, gadgets, trends and workout outfits (of course). Are you sick of your fitness routine? I know I am! This year in NYC, I was pleasantly surprised to discover some new and fun non-conventional exercise options that really stood out to me (and one doesn’t even make you break a sweat)! Yoga, (hot and cold) has always been and will forever be “in style”. Boxing has also become extremely popular and allows you to get a great workout while releasing toxins and stress all at once! Rumble Boxing is a fantastic gym that has become one of the hottest workout trends in NYC. It is the perfect place to get your workout on while also getting an Instagram worthy photo (or two). Group fitness classes are also all the rage, especially if you go to Barry’s Bootcamp. This has become one of the most popular gyms in the city and has a “cult” following (in a good way). And who can’t resist a soul searching, Soul Cycle class?!? But just a little tip…if you are new to Soul Cycle, definitely stick to the bikes in the far dark corners of the room. Trust me, I learned the hard way! If you are not on beat with the music or out of sync, you might just be called out for it by the instructor (it’s happened to me). If you are into celebrity sightings, good ole’ fashion weight training and personal training, Dogpound is the place to be!


The Latest Workout Trends, Gadgets and Athleisure Wear to Get You Inspired for 2018!


One of my absolute favorite new trends is Cryotherapy. Have you heard of Cryo? Yes…the machine that freezes you, ha! My husband has been doing it for months and finally convinced me to go! Quick Cryo is right in my neighborhood of Tribeca, so I decided to check it out and am now completely hooked. It is a one stop rejuvenating shop, complete with an oxygen bar, localized cryo, cryo facials and sequential compression. But the main attraction is the state of the art full body Cryotherapy machines.

After signing in I sat down at the oxygen bar (I’ve only been to one other oxygen bar and that was in Vegas so it’s probably not worth mentioning). This is a completely different experience; it was therapeutic and I was able to choose from an assortment of essential oil scents. The oxygen baris meant to reduce stress, increase energy, improve digestion, relieve muscle tension and lessen Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. It also enhances the cryo session by replenishing your body with pure oxygen. After about 10 minutes of drinking cold pressed juice and checking my email while at the oxygen bar, it was time to move on to the cryo-facial. The cryo facial induce cell rejuvenation, improves skin tone and reduces the effects of aging. Quick Cryo offers localized cryotherapy, which helps reduce pain in specific areas of the body. It targets swelling and triggers an internal anti-inflammatory response; think ice bath but much more efficient. I had it done on my bad ankle and I honestly felt so much better throughout the day.


The Latest Workout Trends, Gadgets and Athleisure Wear to Get You Inspired for 2018!


While I was having my facial, I was also having sequential compression therapy…I know this sounds a little crazy. This type of therapy is used in order to increase circulation to designated areas of the body. It also enhances flexibility as well as slims and tightens your muscles and skin! I opted for the “shorts” which is basically compression tights on my legs and lower abdomen. They almost look like hockey pants. The pants are hooked up to a machine and every few seconds you feel a huge suction innnnnn and ouutttt (over and over again). The best way I can explain it is like getting your blood pressure taken but 5 times more pressure. This therapy is incredible but especially after a workout. And now, for the main event…full body cryo!

Quick Cyro has the Cadillac of machines that gives you the option of heating up before it freezes you. I opted out of this option because it was my first time I was nervous and kind of just wanted to get it over with. Can you blame me? The session lasts between 2-3minutes and drops to -280 degrees. In that short time frame you get so many amazing benefits from cryotherapy. What it basically does is removes toxins and inflammatory properties of the blood because the cold stimulates your body’s central nervous system. It enhances your immune system, reduces pain, accelerates muscle and tissue repair as well as burn 500-800 calories. During my session I decided to turn on the Rocky theme song (my anthem for motivation) to get me through 3 minutes of frigid air. I put on my gloves, slipped on the knee-high socks, slipped on a pair of Ugg boots and jumped into the booth. Believe it or not, it wasn’t that bad! 3 minutes went by so quickly; my Rocky song wasn’t even over lol. I have to admit that snuggling up in a Frette robe as soon as I stepped out of the cryo machine was amazing and instantly warmed me up.


The Latest Workout Trends, Gadgets and Athleisure Wear to Get You Inspired for 2018!


Another one of my favorite workout trends and an NYC hot spot is a new gym called P.Volve. One of the main things I look for when it comes to exercise is whether or not I will be able to do it on my own at home. I can’t go to the gym everyday but I like to stay fit even if it’s just by exercising at home. Stephen Pasterino is a young fitness entrepreneur with a passion for helping people customize their workouts for their own body and goals. He not only offers daily fitness in studio classes but he has built a massive online following through his live streaming workout session. He also invented the P.Ball, which is the best invention ever. This little nifty ball is basically the new and improved portable version of the thigh master. Remember those? The P.Ball gets position in between the thighs to work, work, work your buttocks and inner thighs. You can use the ball while doing pretty much and exercise in order to intensify your workout. The ball deflates so you can easily take it with you to classes or when you travel.


The Latest Workout Trends, Gadgets and Athleisure Wear to Get You Inspired for 2018!


Now lets get to the fashion side of exercise! Dressing to go workout has become a sport in itself! Thanks to celebs wearing chic workout gear, athleisure has basically become glamleasure. What was once considered acceptable workout gear (biker shorts and a tank) is officially off limits. If you are ready to take these trends form runway to a treadmill near you these are the fashion collabs that you should be looking out for the latest celebrity collaborations. Some of my personal favorite collabs are Kate Hudson’s Fabletics line, Tory Burch sportswear, Rihannas Fenty Puma line and Gigi Hadid’s collab with Tommy Hilfiger. Workout compression leggings aren’t just for the gym anymore! They have made their way into the mainstream closets of many exercise buffs around the world (including my hubby who wears them daily to workout).

Last but not least, a few of my favorite new exercise gadgets. Wearable technology has evolved so much throughout the past few years. The once chunky and bulky watches and bracelets are being replaced by chic rings and pendants. The Motiv ring is one of my favorites! It provides 24/7 activity, heart rate and sleep tracking. It is also waterproof and durable; the perfect balance between form, fit & function. Another one of my favorite new products is an intelligent yoga mat that senses your balance and weight distribution is about to launch. It even tells you real-time advice on how to correct your poses. Headphones that measure your heart rate? Yup, they exist! The coming-soon, wire-free coaches such as LumaFit and FreeWavz are about to hit the market! Fitness technology smart fabric is also about to be released. Brands like Sensilk, Hexoskin and Athos are creating wearable technology that measures stats like muscle strength and heart rate. How insane, right?

There are so many motivating ways to stick to your New Years resolution. Don’t let the “getting in shape” get crossed off your list. There are so many easy exercises that can be done from your phone. And now that there is so many incredible new gadgets, working out will be more exciting than ever. Let’s stick to it this year! 2018 I’m coming for you!

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The Latest Workout Trends: Gadgets and Athleisure Wear to Get You Inspired for 2018!