The Perfect One: An Engagement Ring for Every Style

With the huge variety of engagement rings available today, future fiancees will find it easy to select a ring that will suit their intended perfectly.  When you are ready to choose the perfect one, there is an engagement ring for every style.

Classic Engagement Ring


The Perfect One: An Engagement Ring for Every Style
Courtesy of Tiffany


For those who want a design that will stand the test of time and always be “in”, the classic engagement ring is a safe choice. A high set round diamond is center stage in this sparkly design. Simple and sophisticated, the classic engagement ring never goes out of style.

This ring from Tiffany is an iconic design. The six prong setting makes it appear as if the shining diamond is floating above the band. The Tiffany® Setting is available in platinum, yellow gold, and rose gold. The starting price is $12,600.

Toi et Moi Engagement Ring


Courtesy of Jared


Toi et moi (which translates to “you and me”) style rings were extremely popular as engagement rings in the early 19th and 20th centuries. This unique setting is becoming increasingly popular again. The ring features two stones, to represent the union of two people. It is said that Napoleon Bonaparte started the trend for this style of ring when he gave a stunning sapphire and diamond ring to Josephine for their engagement in 1776.

The Ever Us Two Stone Ring from Jared is a beautiful modern interpretation of the “toi et moi” style ring.  Starting at $12,999, this white gold engagement ring has two round diamonds as the focal point.  Additional round diamonds decorate the band, bringing the total diamond weight for this ring to 3 carats.

Trend Setting Engagement Ring


The Perfect One: An Engagement Ring for Every Style
Courtesy of Monique Pean


For those who desire to be fashion forward, trend setting rings offer a wide variety of options.  Colorful diamonds, colorful gems, and rose gold bands are currently some of the trending styles seen in celebrity circles.  Square or emerald cut stones, in direct contrast to the classical style round diamond engagement ring, are also popular now.

The Minereaux engagement ring from Monique Pean is a stunningly unique and on trend engagement design.  The 2.28 carat antique champagne round rose cut diamond has been set in a recycled gold band.  White diamond pavé diamonds complete the look.  This ring is currently selling for $39,690.

Mixed Metals Engagement Ring


The Perfect One: An Engagement Ring for Every Style
Courtesy of Tacori


For those who like to buck tradition and shake things up a bit, a mixed metal ring is an excellent option.  This style of ring allows one more options when choosing a wedding band to coordinate with the engagement ring.  It also makes it easier to match your jewelry when you accessorize.  Rings with two different color settings make an instant statement.

This stunning example of a mixed metal engagement ring is called Adoration by Tacori.  The designer has beautifully combined rose gold and platinum with pavé set diamonds to create a piece that is beautiful and unforgettable. The union of the two metals is symbolic of the perfect union of the new couple. The Adoration engagement ring is around $20,490.

Vintage Engagement Ring


The Perfect One: An Engagement Ring for Every Style
Courtesy of Eragem


Diamonds last forever, and so do timeless engagement rings.  Whether a family heirloom or an auction claimed piece, vintage heirlooms are an excellent choice for those who love history and heritage pieces.  Vintage engagement rings offer the opportunity to own a truly one of a kind piece.

This ornate 1910 antique engagement ring at Eragem has a 2.21 carat old European cut diamond center.  The center diamond is ringed by detailed platinum mounting, with single cut diamond accents. The ring can be resized as needed at no extra cost. This magnificent ring sells for $27,600.

After you have chosen the ring and popped the question, the planning will begin!  You might also want to try our picks for the best bespoke wedding invitations.

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The Perfect One: An Engagement Ring for Every Style