Organic Clothing: Gifts With Our Planet in Mind

More and more consumers are waking up the fact that the fashion industry is taking a toll on the environment.  What do you do then when you want to give stylish holiday gifts to the fashionistas on your list without your conscience giving you grief?  These six organic clothing retailers produce beautiful clothes sustainably and ethically.  We’ve picked out our favorite item from each brand to help you give thoughtful holiday gifts with our planet in mind.



Organic Clothing: Gifts With Our Planet in Mind
Photo courtesy of Thought


Naturally grown bamboo, cotton, wool and hemp are special. They’re not only free from harmful pesticides and chemicals, they’re often softer, stronger. And they’re always far kinder to the environment. (Amazing, right?) That’s why we only use these fabrics to craft our clothing. And we only ever get them from responsible sources.


Scarves are amazing holiday gifts.  You can give a beautiful, fashionable gift without worrying about buying the wrong size!  This Celia Scarf from Thought not only has a stunning floral print, but it is huge.  Large scarves like these are incredibly versatile since they can be worn as a scarf, as a wrap, as a sarong and more!  The scarf is 100% bamboo, a renewable source for fabric.



Organic Clothing: Gifts With Our Planet in Mind
Photo courtesy of Synergy


At Synergy, we believe that it matters how your clothing is made. We believe that consumers deserve the choice to buy clothing they feel good about wearing with the knowledge of where and how it was produced. From our home base in Santa Cruz, California to our handwork seamstresses in the Kathmandu Valley of Nepal, our Synergy family is part of a global community with purpose. We believe in creating high quality goods by supporting the well-being of those who make our business possible.


You can feel good about giving this eco luxe poncho from Synergy this holiday season.  The fabric is made in Nepal from sustainable sourced pashmina wool.  No dyes are required to give the poncho the gorgeous obsidian color, eliminating the pollution that comes from any dyeing process.  This thoughtful gift is also one size fits all.



Organic Clothing: Gifts With Our Planet in Mind
Photo courtesy of Kowtow


“To me, sustainability is being mindful. First and foremost, it is about making and growing something in an ethical and sustainable manner, or recycling and reusing if not. I also want to make sure that everyone in the production chain is being rewarded fairly for what they do, without being exploited.” — Gosia Piatek, Founder & Creative Director.


We love well-constructed chambray shirts.  They look so effortlessly chic, and they are so comfortable to wear!  This button-down from Kowtow is made of 100% organic cotton and even features recycled hemp buttons.  This piece is sure to become a staple in your giftee’s wardrobe.



Organic Clothing: Gifts With Our Planet in Mind
Photo courtesy of Bibico


We think nature knows best so that’s why we use natural materials to make our garments. Whether it is the wool that goes into making our womens knitwear so warm or the cotton that makes our light summer dresses so fresh, we think natural is best.


Keep your loved ones warm and cozy in cable knit sweaters!  This beautiful sweater from Bibico is made from lambswool and nylon.  The lucky recipient of this gift will love snuggling in with this warm sweater, a cup of tea, and a good book this winter!



Organic Clothing: Gifts With Our Planet in Mind
Photo courtesy of Kuyichi




Organic Clothing: Gifts With Our Planet in Mind
Photo courtesy of Loomstate


At Loomstate we work toward a shared vision, believing that whole clothing supply chains from cotton farm to fashion house can support sustainable clothing production. This is clothing that goes beyond fiber and fabric, to include the moral fibers we share and the community fabric that binds us.


Give the gift of ethical lounge-wear this holiday!  They will love an incredibly soft hoodie from Loomstate for those days spent on couch watching Netflix.  This traditional French terry hoodie is made from organic cotton and comes in three colors.

These are a few of our favorite pieces from these six brands, but you can find many more wonderful gift ideas from their websites.  You might also try these other eco-friendly luxury designers.  What are your best tips for keeping your holidays eco-friendly?  We would love to hear them in the comments below!

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Organic Clothing: Gifts With Our Planet in Mind