La Jolla Fashion Film Festival

Lovingly dubbed the Cannes of the fashion film world, the La Jolla International Film Festival recently took place in Southern California.  The LJFFF brings together filmmakers, fashionistas, and industry professionals to make the connections necessary to continue the work of fashion films around the world.



La Jolla Fashion Film Festival
Photo courtesy of LJFFF


La Jolla International Fashion Film Festival is the first international fashion film festival in North America.  Festival director Fred Sweet’s impetus for creating this festival eight years ago was his interest in small fashion films he found on the internet.  He noticed the skill and care that was put into these short films.  He also saw the potential for expanding the opportunities available for those creating the films.  And thus the LJFFF was born.


“From now on the brilliant work done by creative professionals worldwide will have the opportunity to be recognized in the global marketplace. The International Fashion Film Awards are for the best in the world, cutting across national boundaries and cultures. Thanks to the global reach of LJIFFF everyone is included no matter where on earth they live or work.” – Festival Producer Fred Sweet



The festival is the world’s largest gathering of fashion filmmakers.  The event includes film screenings, stage time with industry leaders, seminars and panels, and art installations.  There is also plenty of time to make connections with others in the field.

The festival hosts the globally recognized International Fashion Film Awards. These awards single out those excel in the world of fashion film making.  An international panel of judges will award filmmakers in categories such as: Best Actor/Actress, Best Visual Effects, Best Makeup and, of course, Best Fashion.  Want to see the winners from this year’s event?  Click here to see the winners and watch the films.



La Jolla Fashion Film Festival
Photo courtesy of LJFFF


The mission of the festival is to celebrate those in the fashion film community and their work.  Fred Sweet hopes the community will grow with each passing festival so that more opportunities develop for fashion film creators across the world.


Mission: Empower, Support, & Recognize The Individual Creative Professionals Who Make Up The Fashion Film Community Worldwide


Hundreds of industry insiders attended this year’s LJFFF, enjoying red carpet events and also lush after parties.  The first night’s events featured new fashion-inspired installations from artists Antonio Contreras and Robert E Ball Jr.

This event is a hugely important event in the world of fashion films.  If you would like to read more about our own favorite fashion documentaries, check out our list here.  So do you agree with this year’s winners?  Have other favorites that didn’t make the list?

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La Jolla Fashion Film Festival