The 5 Best Fashion Documentaries

When awards season coincides with fashion season, it is the perfect time to delve into some of the best documentaries about the world of fashion. Fashion meets art as the lives of your favorite designers are translated into scripts to read and roles for actors to play. Get an in depth look at the world of fashion by watching the best fashion documentaries. These five films portray different aspects of the industry, from the designers to runway prep to the creation of fashion editorials. We also include a television program, The Look fashion documentary, as it is absolutely a must watch for anyone who enjoys fashion.

Lagerfeld Confidential (2007)

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Get a peek inside a day in the life of famously private, but never boring, Karl Lagerfeld.  In this fashion documentary, Lagerfeld spills the details on his early career, his youth in Germany, and his daily life as creative director of Dior.

Iris (2014)

Iris Apfel’s influence on the fashion of New York society cannot be overstated.  The eccentric Apfel’s signature glasses makes her a recognizable icon even now in her 90s.  Iris is an in-depth look at her life and the idea that fashion is one thing, but style is quite another. This fashion documentary is a must watch for her fans.

Dior And I (2014)

This documentary will bring you inside the high-pressure world of Paris’ haute couture.  Raf Simons must create his debut couture collection for Dior in just eight weeks, and the film follows along on the breathtaking journey.  This will give you an appreciation for the pressure that falls on your favorite designers.

McQueen and I (2011)

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The story of Isabella Blow and fashion designer Alexander McQueen is tragic and beautiful.  This film documents McQueen’s troubled, but brilliant, career from his rise to fame to his untimely death.

The Look Fashion Documentary (BBC)

The BBC has a fascinating series called The Look, a fashion documentary that chronicles the serious side of the fashion industry. Each episode examines a different part of the world of fashion. Some episodes highlight iconic designers such as Yves Saint Laurent. Other episodes delve into the business side of fashion, including topics such as how designer expand their business using social media marketing and how fabrics are used to create different effects. The Look fashion documentary is a must watch for anyone considering a career as a luxury fashion designer. The insight the series offers, as well as sneak peeks behind the scenes at various shows, is quite educational.

Most of these documentaries can be found online, either on YouTube, HBO or Netflix.  Which will you watch first?  Are there any other fashion documentaries you would add to our list?

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The 5 Best Fashion Documentaries