The Best Natural Beauty Brands of 2018

Our skin is our largest organ and whatever we put on our body is directly absorbed by our body. So when looking for skincare and beauty products, I hold them to the same standards as my food. Because of that, I opt for organic and natural brands with ingredients that I can actually pronounce. There are some bad ingredients in many products out there, from sodium lauryl sulfate, to heavy metals and plastic…yes, plastic. If you are looking for products that are non-toxic and will nourish and protect your skin, give these brands a try.




The Best Natural Beauty Brands of 2018


Squalene is part of our skin’s own natural moisture, but we lose it as we age and this leads to dry, dull and wrinkled skin. Squalene can be found in a variety of plants and in shark liver. Since its best for shark livers to stay in sharks, Biossance created a 100% plant-based squalene from renewable sugarcane. This line will leave your face plump and moisturized, with no harm to our shark friends.

Herbivore Botanicals


The Best Natural Beauty Brands of 2018
Photo courtesy of Herbivore Botanicals


Created by Seattle based couple, Julia & Alex, in their own kitchen, Herbivore Botanicals is packed full of natural ingredients, food-grade oils, recyclable and reusable packaging and many certified organic ingredients. Tested on the co-founders and never on animals, this line showcases the true power of nature.


RMS Beauty


The Best Natural Beauty Brands of 2018
Photo courtesy of RMS Beauty


Make-up artist Rose-Marie Swift has been working on famous faces for 35 years. After some serious health issues led to the discovery that her blood contained toxic levels of heavy metals and high levels of pesticides, she decided to help other women claim their right to healthy beauty. RMS Beauty products are formulated with raw, food grade and organic ingredients in their natural state, allowing their living, healing attributes to penetrate and rejuvenate the skin. And the colors, textures and wear-ablity of RMS comes from the founder’s extensive experience in the field.

100% Pure


The Best Natural Beauty Brands of 2018
Photo courtesy of 100% Pure


Just like their name says, this line of beautiful makeup and skincare is 100% natural. By defining natural as ingredients that originate from nature and ONLY undergo chemical changes due to biological processes such as fermentation, distillation, and cold processing, 100% Pure is able to make sure all their products free of anything synthetic. And the makeup collection is full of fabulous, vibrant colors that are created with fruit pigments. It’s a win-win-win for you, your skin and the planet.

Dude Worthy

Grown Alchemist


The Best Natural Beauty Brands of 2018
Photo courtesy of Grown Alchemist


I first tried this brand a few months back and the first thing I noticed was the bottle kept moving during the night. The culprit…my husband! This is definitely a great co-ed brand with powerful ingredients and sleek packaging. Grown Alchemist’s motto is regenerating beauty with superior results, they do that using certified organic botanical ingredients and powerful natural actives without harmful, artificial chemicals. And their line consists of products for your face, body, hair and even shaving. Just be careful, the man in the house will steal it (and then have great skin).


The Best Natural Beauty Brands of 2018

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The Best Natural Beauty Brands of 2018