Where to Look For Luxury Men’s Fashion Advice

Why let the ladies have all the fun?  The internet provides plenty of fashion inspiration for men as well.  Whether you are still building your capsule wardrobe or you like to know of new of-the-moment trends, these sites have you covered.

Effortless Gent


Effortless Gent employs a “back to basics” view of style, by emphasizing  strategies like maintaining a lean wardrobe instead of becoming a clothes horse. The site also provides invaluable advice for men looking to build a stylish life on a smaller budget. Do you know when to spend vs, when to save? Or when it’s time to let those pieces go? Effortless Gent will help.

Men’s Gear


If you are a sneakerhead, you will want to check out the Men’s Gear style section. Focusing on fashion “gear,” the page will keep you current with the latest shoes, timepieces, bags, and the occasional novelty piece – the Traxedo, anyone? Surf through the rest of the Men’s Gear site for lifestyle, food, and tech posts as well.

Mr. Porter


Mr. Porter is Net-a-Porter’s men’s fashion off-shoot, combining menswear retailers and editorial content. Be sure to follow The Journal – Mr. Porter’s weekly online fashion magazine.  Each issue features content tailored to the fashionable man: how- to guides, interviews and features, even social advice.

So where do you look for luxury men’s fashion advice?  Let us know in the comments below.  Have you found any sources that we have not listed?

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Where to Look For Luxury Men's Fashion Advice