Smartwatches and Celebrities: 7 Who Never Leave Home Without One

Smartwatches and celebrities have gone hand in hand for years. What used to be a gimmick in movies is now a reality. The smartwatch makes it possible for users to glance at their wrists to access information instantly. This tiny mobile device, worn on the arm, has become both a status symbol and a fashion statement. Here’s a look at several celebrities who never leave home without their smart watch. We will show you celebrities with Apple Watch, FitBit, and so much more.

Julianne Hough

Celebrities and Smartwatches
Photo Courtesy of FitBit

Julianne Hough was a Fitbit Ambassador, which shows how much she loves this brand. Fitbit is one of the most popular watches celebrities wear. She has been spotted wearing her Fitbit both to work out and for a night on the town. To create a more elegant evening look, she uses glitzy Flex 2 accessories to add some sparkle and shine to her smartwatch.

Gwyneth Paltrow


Gwyneth Paltrow Celebrities with Apple Watch
Photo courtesy of Fitbit


When discussing smartwatches and celebrities, we must include the actress and founder of Goop who wears a Fitbit every day. Earlier this year, Gwyneth Paltrow was photographed wearing the Fit Bit Alta at Goop Wellness Summit in Los Angeles. She looked casual and cool with a black flowery dress and the coordinating black smartwatch. More recently she and her fiancé Brad Falchuk were both spotted wearing Fitbits while on holiday in Italy.

Khloe Kardashian


Celebrities with Apple Watch
Photo courtesy of Khloe with a K


Another Fitbit user is celebrity Khloe Kardashian. On her website, Khloe with a K, Kardashian shared her pointers for how to get in shape. She calls it “The Ultimate Fitspo Starter Kit.” Along with some words of encouragement, Khloe provides a shopping list of her top picks to help get motivated to get in shape. Her suggested list includes the Fitbit Flex Wireless Band. Khloe says that it will help keep you focused so you can “keep your eye on the prize.”



Zendaya Smartwatches and Celebrities: 7 Who Never Leave Home Without One
Photo courtesy of Michael Kors


Zendaya wears the Michael Kors addition to the world of smartwatches. The multi-talented dancer and actress is always on the go. So, naturally, Kors wanted her to be the face of his new product. Smartwatches and celebrities are often brought together through promotion of this nature. If you haven’t tried the new Michael Kors smartwatch for yourself, it is simply amazing. They describe it as “a storied style, now with Google Fit, heart rate tracking, mobile payments, and swim-proof capabilities. Customize the watch face or swap out the strap to make it your smartwatch, your way.”

Martha Hunt


Martha Hunt Smartwatches and Celebrities: 7 Who Never Leave Home Without One
Photo courtesy of Michael Kors


Victoria’s Secret model and “It Girl” Martha Hunt is another early adopter of the Michael Kors smartwatch. This is one of the more popular watches celebrities wear. You can watch her enjoying life while staying stylish in her video for the watch.

Andy Murray


Andy Murray Smartwatches and Celebrities: 7 Who Never Leave Home Without One
Photo courtesy of Polar


In 2014, the tennis champion had this to say about wearable technology: “Ultimately though I use technology because it helps me understand what I’m doing, and helps me improve. If it doesn’t do that, I won’t bother. And I’m no different to anyone else on that. The coveted question is a different one because that’s a question of looks as much as anything. Looking around at the moment, you’d probably say not many people have cracked it. But it will come, and if it works for me, I’d love to be wearing it.” True to his word, Andy has been photographed wearing Polar multisport watches. Designed for elite athletes, Polar products give you precise training data in order to optimize your performance. A perfect match when it comes to smartwatches and celebrities, don’t you think?

Katy Perry

Katy Perry Apple Watch
Photo Courtesy of Katy Perry

Katy Perry is just one of many celebrities to be spotted wearing the Apple Watch. When Apple debuted its product they wisely sent several A-listers one so they could be the first to own this very hot product. Drake, Kanye, and even television celebrities like Steven Colbert have been photographed with this very trendy smartwatch. We are sure the list of celebrities with Apple Watch will grow over the coming years as well.

You might be surprised at how few celebrities with Apple watches are on our list, given the popularity of this accessory. So, tell us, which smartwatch do you wear? Do you sport the same as any of the celebrities on our list? Do you know of any other smartwatches and celebrities that should be on our list?

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Smartwatches and Celebrities: 7 Who Never Leave Home Without One