Tech Chic: 6 Ways to Style Your Smartwatch

As more and more luxury watchmakers add themselves to the ranks of smartwatch producers, you may be wondering how to work smartwatches into your wardrobe.  Fortunately, modern smartwatches have as much style as they do cutting edge tech.  We are sharing 6 ways to style your smartwatch to make sure your connected device suits your outfit.

Choosing the Right Watch

The first step in styling any piece of wearable tech is to choose good-looking tech to begin with.  Today’s smartwatches are not the bulky, futuristic pieces they once were.  Many luxury watchmakers offer stylish smartwatches that look more like traditional wristwatches.  We have already released a guide to seven luxury brands jumping on the smartwatch bandwagon.

Choosing the Right Watch Face


Tech Chic 6 Ways to Style Your Smartwatch Armani
Photo courtesy of Armani


Emporio Armani’s dynamic style meets cutting-edge technology with a new collection of touchscreen smartwatches. This model features the brand’s most iconic design plus all the benefits of modern wearable technology.


Emporio Armani’s not-yet-released smartwatch has a touchscreen face.  This allows the wearer to customize the watch face to suit his outfit or his mood.  The Armani touchscreen smartwatch is currently available for preorder at a $395 price point.

Many smartwatches on the market offer similarly customizable dials.  If the watch faces offered by your watch’s brand do not suit your needs, why not create your own?  Download the Facer app to create your own smartphone watch face or select one created by another user.  More than 30,000 watch faces are currently available for download.

Choosing the Right Watch Band


Michael Kors smartwatch
Photo courtesy of Michael Kors


The Michael Kors Access Sofie smartwatch combines modern glamour with next-generation technology.


Most smartwatches offer the option of customizing the watchband of your timepiece as well.  This Michael Kors smartwatch set ($450) comes complete with three interchangeable watchbands to match your look.

If you own an Android Wear watch, changing out the band has never been easier.  Google collaborated with b&nd to create MODE watchbands.  The snap-and-swap leather and silicone bands easily fit into place with the slide of a button.

For Everyday


Tech Chic 6 Ways to Style Your Smartwatch Fossil
Photo courtesy of Fossil


Classic Design. Modern Tech. This 40mm Q Venture HR touchscreen smartwatch features a brown leather strap, and lets you track your heart rate, receive notifications, customize your dial and more.


If you are looking for the perfect smartwatch to wear everyday, we highly suggest taking a look at the Fossil Gen 4 Smartwatch ($255) with a brown leather band.  The classic styling of the case and the band coordinate perfectly with most casual outfits.  While you can customize the touchscreen face in any number of ways, a classic analog style dial is always in style.

For Formal Wear


Tech Chic 6 Ways to Style Your Smartwatch Louis Vuitton
Photo courtesy of Louis Vuitton


Louis Vuitton introduces Tambour Horizon. Creativity, innovation and savoir-faire come together in this new smartwatch, designed to travel the globe in style. Access exclusive content from Louis Vuitton: customize the dials to your taste and load up on dedicated travel apps. A charging kit is included with each Tambour Horizon watch. Ready, set… connect !


If you need a watch to wear with a more formal outfit, Louis Vuitton offers a gorgeous women’s watch in their Tambour Horizon Monogram ($2,450).  The sleek 42mm case is accented with a white strap embossed with the LV logo.  Change the touchscreen dial to show a more minimal watch face to keep the look clean.


TAG Heuer smartwatch
Photo courtesy of TAG Heuer


The TAG Heuer Connected Modular is a phenomenal piece of technology, designed and manufactured according to the most time-honored tradtions of Swiss watchmaking.


For men, we love this TAG Heuer model ($6,750) featuring a black calfskin band and diamond bezel.  This stunning wristwatch will be a statement piece with any formal look.

For a Special Occasion


Tech Chic 6 Ways to Style Your Smartwatch TAG Heuer
Photo courtesy of TAG Heuer


The TAG Heuer Connected Modular 45 Full Diamond, the most precious connected watch in the world. Paved with white gold and 589 diamonds, the timepiece is provide in a special case, and comes with a mechanical module Caliber 5.


Finally, some occasions call for nothing less than fine jewelry.  In those cases, the $180,000 TAG Heuer smartwatch is your only option.  This breathtaking piece features a white gold design inset with 589 diamonds.  The smartwatch has all the functionality of the latest in wearable tech paired with the opulence of high quality jewelry.

So, do you own a smartwatch?  How will you be styling it to work with your wardrobe?

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Tech Chic: 6 Ways to Style Your Smartwatch