The Ultimate Michael Kors Smartwatch

Michael Kors’ stylish wearable tech collection has grown and grown each year, offering a wide variety of products for men and women. Michael Kors wearables offer a fashion-focused alternative for the techies. His line offers three types of tech wearables including the ultimate Michael Kors smartwatch mens edition.

The full smartwatches from Michael Kors run on Google’s Android Wear operating system and offer smartphone-style digital displays. These watches connect to your phone using Bluetooth. They can work with both iPhones and Android phones to run apps. The digital watch faces and themes are customizable.

The second style of tech wearable from Michael Kors is the hybrid watch. These watches look like the every day Michael Kors watches and do not have a digital screen. They are tech wearables and use Bluetooth to connect to your smartphone. These hybrid watches include features such as auto time and date, activity and sleep tracking, phone call notifications, and message notifications. Some models include buttons for other phone controls, such as selfies.

The third style of tech wearable from Kors is the activity tracker that looks like jewelry. These sleek and stylish pieces can deliver phone and message alerts with vibration, like the hybrid watches. They also offer Fitbit style activity tracking, as well as sleep tracking.

The three styles of the Michael Kors smartwatch offer fashion conscious technophiles a variety of luxury items to choose from. For this piece, we are only going to consider the full smartwatches, though the other two categories also offer excellent options. These are our picks for a great smartwatch from Michael Kors. We have selected one from the men’s line and one from the women’s line, so there are two top picks altogether.

Access Sofie Michael Kors Smartwatch


Access Sofie Smartwatch The Ultimate Michael Kors Smartwatch
Photo Courtesy of Michael Kors


This timepiece might be the most fashionable option in wearable tech. The Sofie Smartwatch allows the wearer to personalize the touchscreen to match her mood. Receive updates from your social media circles, track your fitness goals, receive phone and text notifications, and much more with this customizable piece. “Brains and beauty” is how the brand describes Sofie. We describe it as the ultimate Michael Kors smartwatch for her.

This lightweight smartwatch from Michael Kors has a pavé bezel and full round display. The Sofie’s bands are interchangeable, so if you prefer a leather or mesh stainless steel you can easily change the strap.


Luxury Smartwatch
Photo Courtesy of Michael Kors


The tech wearable device is powered by Qualcomm’s Snapdragon Wear 2100 processor and has 512MB of RAM. The interface swiping is fast and fluid. Apps open quickly with no issues. The 4GB of storage allows you to store music to your smartwatch to listen to using Bluetooth connected earbuds. This Michael Kors smartwatch is a great option for those women who want to take everything with them on the go without sacrificing style.

Access Grayson Smartwatch


Access Grayson Smartwatch The Ultimate Michael Kors Smartwatch
Photo Courtesy of Michael Kors


The Access Grayson is a smartwatch from Michael Kors that is designed for the fast-paced lifestyle of modern people. This smartwatch combines innovative technology with the high-end aesthetic expected from Michael Kors. The polished piece is available in silver-tone or gold. The beveled bracelet strap and full round display offer incredible clarity and style. Multiple display faces keep the wearer connected around the clock while looking stylish.

The Grayson is powered by Android Wear and is compatible with the iPhone as well as Android phones. This Michael Kors smartwatch allows access to social media updates, text and email alerts, and app notifications. You can receive Smart Help from Voice-Activated Google, which is a useful feature when translations are needed or other information needs to be accessed quickly.


Mens Smartwatch
Photo Courtesy of Michael Kors


As with the Sofie, the Grayson comes with an interchangeable buckle as well as the option to purchase interchangeable straps. This allows you to customize this smartwatch from Michael Kors as desired, with a variety of strap options available. The water-resistant Michael Kors smartwatch mens edition also has a built-in fitness tracking system, making it easy for you to maintain your busy lifestyle wherever you go.

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The Ultimate Michael Kors Smartwatch