The 5 Leaders in Luxury Wearable Tech

We have been closely following the growth of wearable tech and its impact on modern workout trends. The luxury market in 2018 is looking for a device that can do it all.  Brands are stepping up to create devices that have the best features of smart phones, activity trackers, and performance athletic wear. These five companies are on the leading edge of luxury wearable tech today.



The 5 Leaders in Luxury Wearable Tech
Photo courtesy of Apple




The 5 Leaders in Luxury Wearable Tech
Photo courtesy of Skagen


By connecting to your Android™ or iPhone® and the SKAGEN app, the watch automatically updates to the correct time and date and sends you discreet notifications when you receive a text, email or call. It runs on a standard replaceable CR2430 coin-cell battery.


If you would prefer a more traditional look to your smartwatch, the Skagen Hybrid is for you. The Signatur Connected hybrid smartwatch has the typical features of a luxury smartwatch in the body of a traditional steel timepiece.  This stylish smartwatch will run you about $270.




Standalone 4G connectivity gives you the freedom to get away from your phone once in a while. Be guided and motivated by the professional running coach feature. HUAWEI WATCH 2 comes in sports and classic watch styles.

Huawei has developed a smartwatch designed specifically for athletes and adventurers.  Their Huawei Watch 2 is perhaps the best of both the Apple Watch and the Skagen hybrid.  It allows you connect to the internet and make calls without being near your phone, but it also has more traditional wristwatch aesthetics.  The Huawei Watch 2 is priced in the neighborhood of $300.



The 5 Leaders in Luxury Wearable Tech
Photo courtesy of Myontec


Mbody 3 is at the forefront of wearable performance analysis technologies, taking EMG (electromyography, the electrical activity of muscle tissue) out of the lab and putting it into the hands of pro athletes, sports teams, coaches, trainers and physiotherapists, giving them direct access to a new and deeper level of understanding of muscle behavior.


Stepping away from smartwatches, Myontec is leading the field in luxury smart athletic wear. Myontec’s intelligent clothing, Mbody 3, tracks an athlete’s performance on the body allowing for accurate, real-time feedback.  We predict that this kind of wearable tech will become increasingly popular among not only elite athletes, but amateur athletes as well.  Be prepared to pay over a grand to get your hands on the Mbody 3.




The MATRIX PowerWatch is the world’s first smartwatch that you don’t have to charge. Powered by your body heat, it measures calories burned, activity level, and sleep using our advanced thermoelectric technology. It is the only smartwatch to feature a power meter which displays how much electrical power you are generating.


One of the downfalls of smart devices is that at some point you have to take them off to charge them.  However, the Matrix PowerWatch is changing all that.  Your own body heat powers this smartwatch and activity tracker, so it never needs to be charged.  We hope to see more of these kind of innovations in the world of smart tech in the future.

Which of these smart tech devices are you most intrigued by? Be sure to read out how wearable tech is impacting the world of high-fashion as well!

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The 5 Leaders in Luxury Wearable Tech