How To Host A Chic Oscar Party!

And the Oscar goes to…

I LOVE Oscar Night! I used to throw an elegant Oscar party every year, which included champagne, delicious hors d’oeuvres and ballots for my guests to fill out. It was my yearly party where we spent the night enjoying the Oscars in our black tie attire. Just because you may not be attending the Academy Awards, why not make the night just as glamorous and festive?


Kristen Taekman- How To Host A Chic Oscar Party!

I would make sure to see every movie that was nominated but now that I have kids (and usually end up watching the Oscars at home in my jammies) things have changed a bit. Regardless, I still love seeing the incredible fashion on the red carpet, the winners speeches and of course, the after parties.

I do believe the Academy Awards is one of those universal nights that everyone enjoys! Unlike certain sporting events, I find that everyone goes to the movies or watches them from the comfort of their own home. Movies are often topics of conversations at dinner parties, and now a great outlet for hot political topics!

Even though things have changed a bit in terms of throwing a yearly Oscar party, I am still quite the pro when it comes to planning out a fabulous evening (it’s all in the details). Set the tone of the event by sending out customized invitations. Don’t send an evite…make it glamorous and stand out by sending out paper invitations. This is the first step in setting the tone for a fabulous viewing party. I personally like using Lela New York when designing my invitations but there are endless options on the Internet.


Kristen Taekman- How To Host A Chic Oscar Party!


After deciding on your invitations, make sure to choose a fabulous venue. What’s Oscar night without a beautiful venue with an incredible view? Once you decide on the venue, it is all about the décor. Staging your party with an old Hollywood vibe is the perfect way to set the mood for an Oscar viewing party. Pay attention to detail…everything should be related to the theme of your party. Opt for vintage glassware and cutlery to make the evening feel like old Hollywood.

Set up a red carpet outside the venue for your guests so they feel as if they aren’t just attending a party but participating in an experience! Make sure to have a photographer on standby so as each guest arrives, they get their picture taken on the red carpet. It’s a great keepsake and it will definitely add a little something extra to your fun-filled evening.


Kristen Taekman- How To Host A Chic Oscar Party!

I also suggest setting up a ballot station where guests vote for their favorite nominees. I like to ask each guest to put a $10 bill in an Oscar themed jar so at the end of the night, the person who guesses the most winners wins the lot! It’s a fun and simple game that keeps your guests entertained until the end! A photobooth is another great way to keep guests engaged throughout the night. I mean who doesn’t love a photobooth?!?


Kristen Taekman- How To Host A Chic Oscar Party!

Now let’s get to deciding on food and drinks for the evening…when in doubt, go luxe! This is the night to break out the caviar and keep the champagne flowing. Give the hors d’oeuvres names that are related to nominated films and come up with a signature cocktail for the evening. You may not be holding up a little gold statue on award night but you can concoct a drink that looks just like it and just as satisfying! I am going to personally use these names as the signature cocktails for the evening: “Lady Buzz” (named after Ladybird), “I, Tonic” (I, Tonya), and “Drunkirk” (Dunkirk).


Kristen Taekman- How To Host A Chic Oscar Party!

Next on my list… the host and guests should dress to impress! If you don’t set a dress code, this party could be just like any other night. A black-tie dress code guarantees an elegant evening.

Once your guests have arrived and seen the beautiful décor and interactive aspects of your party, enjoy a lovely evening of dinner, drinks and Oscar viewing. Once the show begins, move your guests into a room where a TV has been setup so they can enjoy the Academy Awards. Here you can serve elegant desserts and snacks that are also Oscar themed. I suggest to go mini and personalized with desserts…opt for Oscar shaped chocolates or upscale popcorn covered in edible glitter and gold flakes. I also like to serve tuxedo cupcakes, personalized cake pops and of course, chocolate covered strawberries. Simple, sweet and classically delicious!


Kristen Taekman- How To Host A Chic Oscar Party!

While your guests are enjoying watching the Academy Awards, make sure your gets follow along and check their ballots. I also like to keep a bar cart stocked with drinks and a full bar near the viewing area. Last but not least, make sure to include a snack station with all of your classic movie theater finds.


Kristen Taekman- How To Host A Chic Oscar Party!

The most important part about hosting an Oscar party is making sure your guests are entertained and enjoying themselves. I hope you all enjoy watching the Oscars and I can’t wait to see who wins!

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