What Makes Prada’s Bowler Handbag so Iconic?

Once upon a time, handbags were purely functional and simply a vessel to carry your keys and other small items in.  With the rise of print media and celebrity watching, there came a revolution.  Handbags became fashion accessories and status symbols. Handbags are an integral part of every wardrobe, the same way great luxury shoes can make or break a look. Grace Kelly famously appeared on the cover of Life magazine using her Hermes bag to hide her baby bump, and the handbag stole the spotlight.  Since that time, many celebrities have inspired trends, especially the “it” bag, Prada’s bowling bag.  We covered the six most iconic bags ever made and now we are focusing on one of the most iconic bags known to modern fashion:  Prada’s Bowler Handbag.

Prada introduced the Bowler handbag in the spring/summer of 2000 and it became a cult classic.  It nearly sold out instantly and customers faced long wait lists to purchase the bag.  Nearly two decades later, the Prada Bowler bag is still a much sought after classic.

Many prize the semi circle bag for being elegant and classic, as well as functional.  Customize your bag in many ways, from the color of the handles to the textiles and finish of the exterior.  Style Bistro shows many different ways that celebrities have been seen out and about with the huge variety of Prada Bowler Bags available.  You can see all of the images by clicking here.   Some of the standouts include:

Prada Bowling Bag
Photo Courtesy of Style Bistro

Prada’s leather bowler handbag, available in a variety of leather colors and finishes.  This bag is a favorite of Heidi Klum, Zoe Saldana, and Kourtney Kardashian, to name a few. The large size is very popular with travelers, and it is perfect for toting around everything you need as you move about the world.

Prada Bowler Bag
Photo Courtesy of Style Bistro

Prada’s printed bowler handbag offers the most variety.  This fun bag allows the owner many ways to express her style. She can choose the Prada bowling bag from a vast assortment of colors and pattern choices. Styles include lace, animal prints, and an assortment of art work and designs.  This bag is a favorite of Gwen Stefani and Jessica Alba. Those who prefer bold fashion statements and lots of color will love this Prada bowling bag.

Prada Studded Bowler Bag
Photo Courtesy of Style Bistro

The studded bowler bag offers a more rock inspired, rugged look.  Bella Haddid and Kate Bosworth are both owners of this iconic bag. This Prada bowler handbag is perfect for those who want a classic look with a little extra edge. This luxurious bag looks great with ripped jeans or with a leather skirt. The style is perfect year round.

Why do we love our bags so much?  Our handbags are more than just accessories.  As luxury designer Pascale Mussard describes handbags, They’re like friends: they’re everything, they’re always there next to your body.”  We could not agree more.  So tell us, which iconic handbag is your favorite?

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What Makes Prada’s Bowler Handbag so Iconic?