Summer Handbags: The Bag to Carry This Season

Summer is the season to be out on the town, and you want to be seen at your best.  That means you must be on top of the season’s trends for fashion and accessories.  We have compiled a list of our favorite summer handbag trends, as well as our favorite example of each trend in action, so that you can choose accessories that fit your style for the season.


Summer Handbags: The Bag to Carry This Season
via Prada

Summer is bright and sunshiny, and your handbag can reflect that same renewed optimism.  The Begonia Metal Ribbon Bag from Prada has such a cheerful print that you cannot help but smile when you are carrying it.  The offset geometric shapes break up the floral pattern, keeping it from becoming too saccharine.  You can carry the bag as a handbag or over your shoulder with the included leather shoulder strap.  This beautiful bag sells for $2400.


Summer Handbags: The Bag to Carry This Season
via Chloe

Keep things simple on adventurous summer nights, and opt for a mini handbag.  Miniature bags were a popular accessory on many designers runways during SS17 Fashion Weeks, but we love the look of the Chloe Nile Minaudière the most.  The small evening bag is surprisingly spacious, providing ample room for a phone, small wallet, and compact for touch-ups on the go.  The articulated bracelet provides an elegant way to hand carry the bag, but the bag can also be worn as a shoulder bag or cross body.  As of writing, this popular bag is currently sold out.


Summer Handbags: The Bag to Carry This Season
via Chanel

While neutral bags work well in any season, colorful bags scream summer.  This citrus colored Gabrielle Hobo Bag by Chanel places the classic Chanel stitching on a poppy yellow calfskin.  The bag is also available in a bolder red, blue, and yellow palette, which brings to mind the superheroes that will be hitting the box office in the summer months.  The Gabrielle’s suggested retail price is $3200.


Summer Handbags: The Bag to Carry This Season
via Fendi

While floral patterns for spring and summer are hardly revolutionary, you really cannot go wrong with a feminine floral touch on your summer handbag.  We appreciate the way that the Fendi Peekaboo Regular bag offsets the sweetness of the embroidery with colorful spikes and studs tucked right into the flowers.  The demure scalloped edging and delicate handle are complemented by the pop of bright yellow lining.  The Peekaboo bag sells for $5550.


Summer Handbags: The Bag to Carry This Season
via Marni

You can get the laid back look of a slouchy gym bag without sacrificing style or quality.  The Marni Nuage Drawstring Shoulder Bag mimics the look of an athletic bag but is made from luxuriously soft calfskin.  A large knot at the end of the contrasting drawstring adds a nod to a summery nautical trend as well.  This bag costs $2290.

Take advantage of cheerful summer vibes, and take a risk with your style choices.  Do not be afraid to buy a bag in a vibrant color or a bold print.  Summer is an exciting time of year, and you deserve a wardrobe to match!

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Summer Handbags: The Bag to Carry This Season