The Ultimate in Fashion for Golfing Excursions

As one of the few sports where athletes are allowed to wear “street clothes” to participate, golf and fashion have held a close history together.  Many golfers choose their own version of “gentleman’s attire” for the course, while others attempt to stand out with more, shall we say, unique sartorial choices.  When you are assembling a golfing wardrobe, there are some pieces you absolutely must have.  This guide to the ultimate in fashion for golfing provides you with suggestions for each category of golf apparel.

Polo Shirt


The Ultimate in Fashion for Golfing Excursions
Photo courtesy of Ralph Lauren


Printed polos are trending on golf courses around the world, and they allow you to add some color and interest into your look.  While floral and animal prints may be fashionable today, you will get more longevity out of a classic striped polo.  This navy and coral striped polo by Ralph Lauren is a refined way to use color and pattern.

Flat Front Khakis


The Ultimate in Fashion for Golfing Excursions
Photo courtesy of AGJeans


Today’s fashionable golfer sticks to a slim silhouette, so pleated pants are a no-go.  Choose instead a slim cut, flat front trouser that defines your profile without adding to it.  Brands like AGJeans have created poly blend chinos that wick moisture, stretch comfortably, and provide enough pockets for use on the course.

Lightweight V-Neck Sweater or Vest


The Ultimate in Fashion for Golfing Excursions
Photo courtesy of J.Crew


There is something classic about a v-neck sweater on the golf course.  Whether you choose a sweater, sweater vest or cardigan, you will look like you would fit right in with the greats like Arnold Palmer or Jack Nicklaus.  We especially love this cashmere cardigan from J.Crew.   Wearing a cardigan allows you to easily remove a layer if the weather warms up mid round.

Comfortable Golf Shoes


The Ultimate in Fashion for Golfing Excursions
Photo courtesy of FootJoy


The new FootJoy DNA Helix demonstrates the advancements in golf footwear in recent years.  Gone are the stiff and heavy shoes your father wore.  Today’s golf shoes are lightweight, performance based gear designed specifically to provide both comfort and support.


D.N.A. Helix – the latest performance footwear that is simply put: Wrapped in Innovation. Featuring the most comprehensive benefit package in FJ’s line, Helix is all about combining comfort features with an entirely new stability chassis specifically engineered from feedback given by the world’s best players.

Designer Sunglasses


Designer Sunglasses for Men


There is no need to buy a new pair of sunglasses for use on the golf course.  Whatever designer shades you prefer off the course will work on the course.  If you need suggestions for a good pair, read our guide to men’s designer sunglasses.

A Practical Hat


Photo courtesy of Nordstrom


Traditionally, golfers wore tweed caps on the green, but today’s golfer is allowed a wider range of hat styles.  Whether you choose a simple ball cap, a Panama, a straw hat or something else, choose a hat that keeps the sun off your face and out of your eyes.  Style is great, but practicality is better.  This Bailey Brooks Panama hat is the best of both worlds.

Performance Glove


The Ultimate in Fashion for Golfing Excursions
Photo courtesy of G/Fore


While a golf glove should be categorized more as golf gear than golf fashion, you can still choose a glove that serves as both.  Leather golf gloves improve your grip and can be a way to add color and style to your outfit.  The Competition Stripe glove from G/Fore combines high quality craftsmanship with good looks.

Slim Jacket


The Ultimate in Fashion for Golfing Excursions
Photo courtesy of Sunice


As with any outdoor sport, outerwear is important.  Be sure to choose outwear that will not adversely affect your swing.  Slim jackets and vests are both good options to keep dry and warm without hindering your range of motion.  This waterproof jacket from Sunice is constructed of three thin layers to keep you protected from the elements.

We hope this guide has helped you choose a few new key pieces for your next golf excursion.  Before you head out, be sure to read our choices for the best golf courses in America!

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The Ultimate in Fashion for Golfing Excursions