Who Made Balenciaga’s City Bag a Must-Have?

Balenciaga is known for their bold and edgy designs, especially when it comes to handbags. Would you believe that one of the most iconic Balenciaga bags was dismissed by company management the first time the idea was presented? Fortunately for all of us they gave the design idea a second chance. Here is a look at the history of the classic Balenciaga city bag and the designer who made it possible.

The History of the Iconic Bag

The Balenciaga City bag has legitimately become an ageless fashion accessory.  It transcends time and trends with a feminine but edgy look.  But who made Balenciaga’s City Bag a must-have? The Balenciaga City was introduced in the early 2000’s by Balenciaga’s then creative director Nicolas Ghesquière.  The company management actually dismissed the motorcycle bags when Ghesquière first presented them. Nicolas Ghesquière pressed on and gave out free bags to celebrities like Kate Moss and Sienna Miller. The ladies went wild for their new bags and the rest is history.  Where would we be without Nicolas Ghesquière and his pursuit of this classic style?

Who Made Balenciaga’s City Bag a Must-Have?

What the Designer Says

When asked about the Balenciaga classic City bag, Nicolas Ghesquière is quoted as saying: “It was a new fresh thing, but it looked like an old, good, friendly thing.”  The bag puts a fun twist on traditional girlish staples.  With distressed leather and battered tassels, this bag has widespread appeal, being just casual enough with a twist of fancy. The Classic City Bag comes in a variety of color and sizes, just right for any and all fashionistas hoping to bring a little edgy chic to their look. Balenciaga is infamous for their endless array of colors. Name any color under the rainbow and chances are they make a bag in that unique hue. They actually create about a half dozen new shades twice a year for their Spring/Summer and Fall/Winter collections.

Options and more Options

The Balenciaga City Bag is a must have among celebrities all over the world.  Since it comes in many different colors, you shouldn’t have a problem choosing one that will fit into your wardrobe and is unique to your style.  Signature long leather tassels, attractive silver tone stud accents, matching cosmetic mirror and optional shoulder strap are pretty much everything you can expect from a bag.  The bonus is that you can fit anything into Balenciaga’s City Bag.  Make this timeless staple the next addition to your closet.  You will love the soft touch yet tough look of this timeless classic.  We all owe a big thank you to Nicolas Ghesquière for not giving up on his design and bringing us the perfect balance of hardware and studs.

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Who Made Balenciaga’s City Bag a Must-Have?