What’s the Story Behind Christian Dior’s “Lady Dior” Handbag?

Lady Dior was born of a desire to create a bag with a strong identity. Something instantly recognizable. Iconic. It was first made in the Dior workshops in 1994, inspired by couture. Elegant, carried in the hand, the new bag boldly broke with prevailing trends.

The House of Dior is a fashion icon, setting trends and breaking records for decades. Dior is synonymous with elegance. Nobility flock to the designer’s style, for good reason. You do not have to be a member of the royal family to enjoy a Dior piece, however. Designs like Lady Dior help every women, regardless of her social status, express her bold elegance.

Discover Lady Dior


No doubt you have seen, and surely owned, at least one Lady Dior bag.  This iconic bag, a relative newcomer compared to other sought after handbags, was elevated by the grace and style of a real life princess. One of the most beloved members of the modern British royal family, Lady Diana Spencer, Princess of Wales, is the inspiration behind this elegant hand bag. The iconic Lady Dior bag was originally introduced as “Chouchou”, which means “favorite”.  The story goes that the trendy new handbag designed by Dior was given to Lady Diana, Princess of Wales, as a gift during one of her visits to Paris.  Lady Diana was smitten with the bag, and often photographed with it.  As a tribute to this style icon, Dior renamed the bag “Lady Dior”.  It was a runaway success, and has become Dior’s flagship bag.

The Face of Lady Dior Today

Sadly, Lady Diana passed away in 1997 after a tragic automobile crash. Her beautiful spirit and sense of style live on in fashion with the Lady Dior bag. The brand has found an inspiring rising star to attempt to fill the shoes of their fashion maven Diana. Since 2008, Marion Cotillard, French actress, singer, and environmental activist, has been the face of Lady Dior.  She appears in several print and short film campaigns presented by Dior.  Beautiful images of her with various Lady Dior bags compel the observer  to dream by viewing beautiful stories.

Each Dior bag is a mini masterpiece. One Lady Dior bag takes a minimum of 8 hours to complete. It retains characteristic Dior codes such as it’s “cannage” topstitching, a signature Dior motif.  An exquisite network of stitched lines across the supple leather create the illusion of shimmering diamonds. The arched handle exudes femininity and elegance. Decorative jewelry charms, one with each letter of the name Dior, hang from the handles.  Plated in real gold, the charms add brilliant shine to this couture bag.  Lady Dior may be the hallmark of the House of Dior’s style, and has become one of the brand’s most iconic accessories.

lady dior handbag

Lady Dior fashion handbags are highly sought after wardrobe items, and now you know the story behind to name. Princess Diana may no longer be with us, but her fashion influence lives on.To learn more about the iconic house of Dior, please enjoy our article about the pieces we are coveting from Dior this season.

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What’s the Story Behind Christian Dior’s “Lady Dior” Handbag?