How to Wear 2018’s Boldest Color

Soft, blush pink, sometimes called Millennial Pink, had several years as the go-to color for designers.  A new color has pushed the gentle baby pink out of the spotlight.  This year’s hottest color is hot pink.  Bright fuchsia showed up on plenty of SS18 runways, and the color already made its way from the runway to the real world.  If you are ready to hop on this fashion trend we have a few tips for how to wear 2018’s boldest color – hot pink.

Hot Pink Athleisure


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Since active wear clothes frequently feature bright colors, athleisure is the easiest place to start adding hot pink into your wardrobe. Get your blood pumping by adding this lively color to your workout wardrobe!  Rihanna’s 2018 designs for Fenty x Puma use hot pink as the accent color across the collection.  Tone the pink down with neutrals like gray or navy to make the color more wearable.

Hot Pink at Work


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Probably the most difficult place to pull off hot pink is at the office, but it can be done.  The trick to wearing hot pink at work is to keep the fabrics luxe and the silhouettes clean.  Tom Ford’s Spring 2018 collection features plenty of pink blazers that can be worn at work.  Avoid over accessorizing your look, as it may make the outfit look cheap.  Let the color be the statement.

Hot Pink Outerwear


How to Wear 2018’s Boldest Color
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A good spring jacket can add a ton of style to even a simple outfit.  A classic trench in a bright color is a bold choice.  Style the coat with a gorgeous silk scarf to complete the outerwear look.  We love the pink trench from Oscar de la Renta accessorized with this navy and white Hermes scarf.

Hot Pink Accessories


How to Wear 2018’s Boldest Color
Photo courtesy of Giorgio Armani


Speaking of accessorizing, scarves, shoes and bags are perfect places to add in a pop of hot pink.  The addition of an unexpected touch of bright pink to an otherwise simple outfit completely transforms your look.  Armani’s new Acquerello collection includes some stunning hot pink shoes and handbags for Spring.

Hot Trend: Hot Pink and Red


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We have been seeing designers and fashionistas making one bold choice this Spring: pairing hot pink and red.  Partnering two colors so close to each other that they almost clash makes a statement, so be prepared to turn some heads if you jump on this trend.  If you aren’t ready to go full Brandon Maxwell there are more wearable ways to combine the colors.  Instead of wearing hot pink and red in equal amounts, accessorize a red dress with hot pink shoes.  Add a red belt to a pink dress.  Play with the ratio of red to pink to find a combination that you are comfortable with.

We hope this prepared you for wearing hot pink this season!  If you are looking for more ways to wear this Spring’s hottest looks, you will want to check out our styling tips!

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How to Wear 2018’s Boldest Color