The Future of Fashion: Tech Trends We Saw on the Runway

As the Internet of Everything creeps into more aspects of our lives, we can expect to see more connected fashions coming down the Fashion Week runway.  The world of fashion has historically been more conservative in adopting new technologies, preferring instead tried and true traditional techniques.  You can recognize Haute couture garments by the meticulous handwork that they feature.  So, how then will this industry incorporate new digital tech into a decidedly low-tech environment?  While we are not yet sure it’s the future of fashion, we have seen some smart clothing make its way into Fashion Week.

Paris Fashion Week Special Exhibition

If you are looking for the best in fashion technology, head to Paris Fashion Week.  This show is famously open to the merging of fashion and technology, even highlighting it with special events.  A special exhibition took place at Paris Fashion Week where tech-friendly designers could show off their creations.

Cute Circuit Dresses


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Wearable tech brand Cute Circuit debuted a number of haute couture dresses at the special Paris Fashion Week exhibition.  Perhaps most notable of these dresses was the Kinetic Dress.


Kinetic Dress is a Victorian inspired evening gown reactive to the wearer’s activities and mood.The Kinetic Dress is sewn of an elastic textile embedded with sensors that follows closely the body of the wearer. The sensors are able to capture the wearer’s movements and interaction with others and display this data through the electroluminescent embroidery that covers the external skirt section of the dress.

Silvia Fado Hydraulic Heels


Fashion tech can not only lead to more beautiful fashions, but more comfortable ones as well.  Shoe designer Silvia Fado married engineering with high tech manufacturing to create hydraulic high heels that are actually comfortable to wear.

For my master’s collection, Kinetic Traces, I was intrigued by the relationship between the movement of the body and Fashion footwear design on the one hand, and high performance Sports footwear and body movement on the other. I wanted to explore the philosophical and aesthetic consequences of changing the dynamic of that relationship…. The methodologies used in the project include traditional making (leather work, traditional machinery making, metal work, wood shaping) and rapid prototyping (3D milling machine, laser cutting and 3D printing).

Emel + Aris Smart Coat


The Future of Fashion: Tech Trends We Saw on the Runway
Photo courtesy of Emel + Aris


Smart fashion does not to look like you have stepped out of a sci-fi film.  The genuinely wearable Smart Coat from Emel + Aris is a gorgeous trench, that just happens to feature ingenious heat technology.


The Smart Coat is the coat for the most discerning fashion connoisseur. Combining a beautiful cut, luxury fabric and our revolutionary infrared heat technology, the Smart Coat is the only coat that works from day to night, autumn to spring, London to New York, Paris to Milan. With the Smart Coat you control the temperature: the three heat settings are activated at the touch of a button.

New York Fashion Week


The Future of Fashion: Tech Trends We Saw on the Runway
Photo courtesy of Calvin Luo


Calvin Luo debuted at NYFW with a stunning AW18 collection which included a capsule collection in collaboration with Lenovo.  These black PVC garments have LED lights.  A smart phone app allows the wearer to type whatever he would like into the template, and that message then displays on the garment’s LED lights.

London Fashion Week


The Future of Fashion: Tech Trends We Saw on the Runway
Photo courtesy of TwentyFour15


Relatively new fashion brand, TwentyFour15, debuted a line of app connected street wear at London Fashion Week.  The garments, like this Optic Bomber, connect with a specially designed app that creates color animations to match the beat of whatever music the wearer is listening to.

Beyond the Runway



Finally, smart clothing is amping up off off the runway as well.  Google has teamed up with H&M on a collaboration they call “Coded Couture.”  Participants in the project consent to have their activity and lifestyle data tracked by a specially designed Android app.  The app then uses that information to create a “Data Dress,” custom-designed for you based on the information gathered by the app.

We think that the fashion world might not be ready to replace human designers with computer programmed smartphone apps.  So, tell us, what are your opinions on the future of fashion?  We have a feeling this will be a divisive issue, so we are eager to hear your opinions!  You might also like to see how technology is changing home design.

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The Future of Fashion: Tech Trends We Saw on the Runway