New York Fashion Weeks Men’s 2017

Another Fashion Week is behind us, and designers are still giving us ways to escape from the uncertain times around us.  Bold saturated colors dominated the New York Fashion Weeks Men’s 2017 runways, almost as if designers sought to brighten our spirits with fashion.  These are some of our favorite audacious collections from NYFW Men’s.

Nick Graham



Models walked down Nick Graham’s runway in bold, tropical colors and exaggerated prints.  This decidedly joyful collection provided viewers with a temporary respite from the stresses of life in the real world.  Inspired in part by the legend of Atlantis, Graham’s show featured imagery of the ocean; beautiful beaches and sea creatures proceeded the actual collection.  Barefoot models wore brightly colored suits accessorized with rope belts tied in sailor’s knots.  Colorful faux lobsters, parrots, and seaweed adorned the shoulders of many models as well.  While there was nothing earth-shattering about the collection, it definitely made us want to skip work for a day at the beach!


It was based on a mix of psychedelics from the Sixties and colors based on corals.


Carlos Campos



The cobalt blues and bright corals of Nick Graham’s collection were also present in Campos’s designs.  Inspired by Mexican architect Luis Barragan, Campos kept his looks minimal, but bold.  The sleek silhouettes were amplified by strong color blocking in bright hues.  Strong diagonals and zig zags added movement and interest to the standard silhouettes of shorts and button-downs.  The whole collection had a sporty nautical vibe that we looking forward to in Spring/Summer 2018.

Raf Simons



Raf Simons opted to make his runway under the Manhattan Bridge to emphasize the influence movies like Blade Runner had on his collection.  Models carried umbrellas and wore raincoats in a variety of fabrics, lengths and patterns.  Some models even sported their slickers backwards.  While only a few of the garments themselves were brightly colored, the interesting runway lighting added color to the looks.


There were a lot of things that go back to my early days — why we started doing the things we did. There were strong music references from the past and taken out of context. It was about movies [like] “Blade Runner.”  It’s about cultures sliding together: Asian culture, cultures of the West. There was more of a new wave punk attitude.


What is your opinion of the growing trend of brightly colored, bold fashions for men and women?  Do you think it is a reaction to the state of the world or just the natural cycle of trends?  We would love to hear your opinions!  Let us know in the comments or tag us on social media.

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New York Fashion Weeks Men's 2017