Behind the Scenes at Paris Fashion Week

Fashion magazine writers and editors enjoy nearly unparalleled access at Fashion Week.  If you are looking for a glimpse behind the scenes at Paris Fashion Week, you can rely on Vogue for exclusive coverage.  The famous fashion mag provides its readers with photos, videos, and interviews with the biggest players at Paris Fashion Week.

Anna Wintour



What’s so great about fashion today is that it isn’t really just one thing, there’s a lot of individuality but most important I think in every country we’ve seen a really great response to diversity and the few that have not heard that call look seriously out of touch….


If there is one definitive voice in the world of fashion, it is likely the inimitable Anna Wintour.  Vogue’s Editor-in-Chief has seen her share of Fashion Week runway shows, and she is an expert on editorial fashion.  Since Wintour’s access to Paris Fashion Week gave her insights into all the trends building in the industry, it is especially noteworthy that the number one trend she noticed is the spirit of inclusion shown in most runway shows.

Stella McCartney



This season I really wanted to look at the House of Stella McCartney in an honest way.  What is it that we do well here….


And, as it turns out, two of the things the House of Stella McCartney does well are eco-conscious designs and sneakers.  Those strengths were on display for her Fall 2018 show, which, among other easy, cool looks, debuted an interesting pair of eco-friendly sneakers.  The shoes are made with specially designed hooks and stitching to avoid the toxic glues so often used in sneaker manufacturing.




 At Pierpaolo Piccioli I wanted to tour the semantics of romanticism….  Romanticism not of something close to fragility but something in a kind of bolder, stronger way. – Pierpaolo Piccioli


The gorgeous floral gowns and separates that came down the Valentino runway perfectly embody Piccioli’s goals.  The florals look strong and vibrant, rather than meek and soft.  If this is what modern femininity looks like, we are on board!




They managed to change the seasons.  We all thought it was nearly spring, and actually it’s not, it’s autumn.


Chanel’s runway sparked emotions at Fashion Week, both positive and negative.  Karl Lagerfeld’s indoor autumnal forest was a magical backdrop for the Fall 2018 collection, filled with tweeds and ankle-length skirts.  However, many were not happy with the brand’s use of real trees as part of the set design.  According to sources, century-old trees were cut down and propped up in the center of the runway, causing more than a bit of controversy.




The Chloe girl this season I would say she’s very magnetic.  She has a sense of self assurance.  Evocative and and plays on the diversity of her own personality. – Natacha Ramsay-Levi


Natacha Ramsay-Levi’s second collection for Chloe featured upscale casual wear looks.  Soft, delicate fabrics were punctuated with metal accessories to give them a bit of edge. The chainmail boots caught our attention immediately.  We predict heavy demand for them when they become available for purchase later this year.

Louis Vuitton



…I thought it was interesting to put something sharp and very clean in the middle of historical environment of the courtyard. – Nicolas Ghesquière


Paris Fashion Week closed out with an epic runway show from Louis Vuitton.  The show took place in the Lefuel courtyard of the Louvre, a courtyard not usually open to the public.  Here, in this courtyard built in the mid-1800s, Louis Vuitton models walked a runway designed to look like a futuristic spaceship.  The juxtaposition of these two aesthetics served as an interesting backdrop for Nicolas Ghesquière’s ladylike separates.

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Behind the Scenes at Paris Fashion Week