The Best Day Spa in New York City

A vacation or business trip in the beautiful city of New York often includes many “must-visit” stops. Of course, the sights and amazing dining experiences in New York City are not to be missed but don’t forget to pamper yourself while you are in town. New York City is home to some of the most luxurious spas in the country. Take a day out of your visit to indulge in the best day spa in New York City.

Luxury & Wellness Spa at Mandarin Oriental


Luxury & Wellness Spa at Mandarin Oriental The Best Day Spa in New York City
Photo Courtesy of Mandarin Oriental


This luxurious Asian-inspired spa is as beautiful as it is relaxing. Relax in the soothing surroundings as you partake in a variety of treatment options. The spa highly encourages guests to arrive 45 minutes ahead of their appointment time to make the most of the experience. Spectacular views of the city skyline serve as the backdrop for this contemporary spa. Enjoy the heat and water facilities to soothe your muscles and prepare your body for the therapeutic experience in store for you.

Wind down in the calming Oriental Tea Lounge as you relax with a refreshing herbal infusion. This experience will set the tone as you prepare for your consultation with your personal therapist. A spa suite will offer you the ultimate experience that is private and tailored to your needs. Signature treatments include the Digital Wellness Escape, Time Ritual, and Oriental Qi. A variety of facials, massages, and other custom spa services are also available. The best day spa in New York City? We think this one is definitely a contender.

Haven Spa


Haven Spa The Best Day Spa in New York City
Photo Courtesy of Haven Spa


For those with limited time or who prefer something a bit more low-key, Haven is a self-described “urban retreat.” The high ceilings and brick walls give the retreat the feel of a classic New York City loft. While the decor may be casual, the service is luxurious. The team is reliable and professional, which has brought Haven Spa rave reviews for being the best day spa in New York City from locals and visitors alike.

Haven Spa offers a vast selection of services. Scrubs, wraps, and massages are popular options. The Tourist Massage is specially designed for guests who are experiencing jet lag or who are recovering from cramped travel conditions. Other services include a nail salon where you can indulge in a manicure or pedicure along with a small hair studio for blowouts and styling.

Shibui Spa at the Greenwich Hotel


Shibui Spa at the Greenwich Hotel The Best Day Spa in New York City
Photo Courtesy of Shibui Spa


Greenwich Hotel shipped the beams of a centuries-old farmhouse from Japan to have rebuilt over the Shibui spa’s grotto pool. The effect is absolutely breathtaking. The pre-treatment ritual at the Shibui is a dip in the grotto pool. The experience is so relaxing that you might want to stay there longer and skip your treatment! To enter the spa and be embraced by wood, water, and stone is the introduction to Shibui’s philosophy of balance. The balance lies between the modern and the traditional and nature and the city. All of the treatments at Shibui Spa have the same philosophy of balance.

An impressive variety of massages are available to visitors. Samunprai Thai Poultice, Traditional Japanese Shiatsu, Traditional Chinese Reflexology, and Healing Birch are some of the options. Travelers will enjoy the Drunken Lotus massage, which uses sake-soaked towels and custom strokes to help ease the aches of jet lag and dehydration. Body scrubs, seasonal beauty treatments, and seasonal soaks are other unique options that Shibui Spa offers.

Do you have a favorite day spa that is a “must visit” when you travel to New York City? Have you found the best day spa in New York City? We would love to hear about it! While you are in the city that never sleeps, we encourage you to check out the cherry blossoms in NYC.

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The Best Day Spa in New York City