Classic Ways to Wear All White with Kristen Taekman

This past spring, the runways were filled with various shades of white; every tone imaginable from ivory to eggshell to cream and yes, vanilla (yum)! I personally love a monochromatic look no matter the color, but there is something about a white monochromatic outfit that takes fashion to the next level. Monochromatic dressing means wearing separates of one color that have different textures or similar shades of that color to create an overall solid toned look. This may sound a bit mundane but trust me, wearing one color is anything but boring! In fact, the outcome of a monochromatic outfit can be just as striking as wearing a vibrant color or pattern.

Whether you are spending this summer walking around the streets of NYC or lounging by the beach, an all white outfit is ideal no matter the occasion. I know what you must be thinking…well, you must be thinking two things:

  1. I thought you could only wear white during the summer (after Memorial Day and before Labor Day),
  2. The potential for stains is huge!

Well, completely disregard the “no white after Labor Day” rule and I say live a little…worst-case scenario, if you spill and are in a pinch, “shout” it out!

No matter your style or shape, monochromatic outfits always look super chic, sophisticated and pulled together. Afraid to take the leap into an all white look? Don’t be! Go slow, take your time and don’t be afraid to experiment. You can ease your way into the white monochromatic trend by starting off with a crisp white button-down and a cream wide leg trouser. Although it feels like summer should be all about bold hues, white can create much more of a statement and last a lifetime!

I have styled out four of my favorite go-to summer white monochromatic looks that can be tweaked to your liking!



My favorite go-to look is a pair of white cotton shorts paired with a linen button-down. This is a look I feel confident wearing all summer long, whether it be to lunch with the girls, camp pick-up or even a dinner date. If you plan on wearing this look during the evening, dress it up with a bold lipstick and statement earrings. Here, I decided to add a designer belt in order to give it a more put together vibe but it honestly looks great with or without the belt.


Kristen Taekman_ Classic Ways to Wear All White


Linen is one of my all time favorite summer fabrics! Going away this summer and not quite sure what to pack? You can’t go wrong with a crisp white linen suit. Trust me, it will come in handy! This can be worn for a dressier occasions whether it be a dinner event or business affair. You can also mix and match the tops and bottoms, pairing the linen pants with a simple t-shirt for a casual chic vibe or pair the blazer with your favorite pair of jeans. If I had to pick a favorite summer look, this would be it because of its versatility and chic vibe.


Kristen Taekman_ Classic Ways to Wear All White


I personally think everyone should own a white summer dress! I am all about dressing up and dressing down outfits and a white dress is ideal for this scenario. You can mix and match accessories dependent upon each occasion. If you are headed to a Sunday brunch, pair your white dress with a nice pair of leather sandals, gold hoops and a statement belt or bag. If you need to glam it up, pair the dress with heels and put a little more emphasize on your makeup! A white dress is a staple piece everyone should keep in their wardrobe and update each season (even during the winter…we all need a winter white dress for the holidays).


Kristen Taekman_ Classic Ways to Wear All White


Ahhh the infamous jumpsuit…a garment that has been around since the beginning of designer history! This coveted look is an absolute winner. Although I would normally reserve this jumpsuit for an upscale event, it is a fabulous go to piece that I have worn on numerous occasions. Get invited to an event and not sure of the dress code? No worries opt for the trusty jumpsuit! It’s the perfect balance of dressy but not too dressy; it’s what I consider a “fashion chameleon”. It’s the ideal outfit for any occasion. Full disclosure? I have had this jumpsuit for over 4 years and where it all the time. I change it up by wearing different belts, jewelry bags…you name it! It’s one of those looks that keep on giving!

All is all; a white monochromatic look will forever and always be chic and simply classic. It’s one tone that you just can’t go wrong wearing. I highly recommend wearing white from head to toe this season and when you receive a compliment (I guarantee you will) remember me saying, “I told you”!

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Classic Ways to Wear All White with Kristen Taekman