Shopping in Tokyo’s Ginza District

Tokyo’s Ginza District is the city’s most famous upscale district.  Within this district, visitors can enjoy luxury shopping, dining, and entertainment.  Travelers looking to do some luxury shopping should look no further than the bright lights of Ginza.

The district was originally the site of a silver coin mint in the 17th and 18th centuries.  The Japanese word Ginza translates as silver mint.  The district is worth much more than a few pieces of silver today.  Every square meter of land in the district is worth 10 million yen (equivalent to $100,000).  It stands to reason that the retailers in this desirable district are appropriately high end.

Ginza Mitsukoshi



As the oldest department store chain in Japan, Mituskoshi carries everything a shopper could possibly ask for.  The department store in the Ginza District occupies the first seven floors of the building.  The floors above feature delicious restaurants where hungry shoppers can rest and refuel.  Head down the the first subfloor for a huge cosmetics department filled top luxury cosmetics brands.

Chuo Dori

The premiere shopping street in Ginza is Chuo-dori (or Chuo Street).  The street is home to many department stores, flagship brand shops, restaurants and cafes. Chuo is also home to Chanel, Cartier, and Mont Blanc shopping towers.



The beautiful Bulgari Tower on Chuo-dori was designed to look like a giant jewelry box and includes a Bulgari restaurant and bar, as well as a rooftop garden.

Ginza Six


Photo courtesy of Ginza Six


The newest addition to the glittering Ginza district is Ginza Six.  This modern shopping facility boasts 241 stores, more than half of which are flagship stores.  Visitors can expect to find the biggest names in international luxury shopping in Ginza Six, but they will also enjoy high end retailers specific to Japan.  The complex also features large scale art installations all throughout the massive space.  Ginza Six is also the new home of Kanze School of Noh, a Japanese theater school founded in the 14th century.  The school relocated their historic stage plank by plank from its previous location where millions can enjoy it every year.

If you are planning a trip to Tokyo soon, we highly recommend spending a day shopping in the outstanding Ginza District.  Have you been shopping at Ginza before? Let us know your best tips and spots we shouldn’t miss in the comments!  Looking for a place to stay while you are in town?  Look no further than our picks for luxury hotels in Tokyo.

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Shopping in Tokyo’s Ginza District