Meghan Markle’s Best Style Moments Over the Years

The world is eagerly anticipating the royal wedding between Meghan Markle and Prince Harry this weekend.  Among many other anticipated details, what will the bride wear is one of the most buzzed about questions being asked.  Let’s take a look at some of Meghan Markle’s style highlights over the years to see if we can gain some clues as to what style of dress she will wear at her wedding this weekend.

According to Meghan’s Mirror, a style web site dedicated to the soon to be princess, “Meghan Markle has been thrust onto the international style stage and women have been fascinated by not only Meghan’s style and innate sense of self, but by her successful acting career and growing humanitarian and charitable work. Meghan is earning the respect of women who see in her the reflection they would like to look back at them in the mirror… Stylish clothes and all!”

A Night on the Town


Meghan Markle's Best Style Moments Over the Years


We all love a classic dress and Meghan sports it perfectly in this photo.  Pair it with nude heels are we are totally smitten!  Navy really works with her skin tone and the lace overlay adds a striking element to this monochromatic look.

Chambray Perfection


Meghan Markle's Best Style Moments Over the Years


Meghan Markle displayed both her keen fashion sense and her toned physique with this stylish outfit worn in New York in the spring of 2016. The chambray shorts with a matching blazer look fabulous on her.  This classic look is one that is timeless which is reflective of her sense of style.

Adding in Pattern


Meghan Markle's Best Style Moments Over the Years


The soon to be Princess has sported tons of classic looks over the years but it also known for throwing in some pattern occasionally.  Here with a mixed pattern skirt paired with a classic white button down she looks chic and ready to take on the world.

The  Wedding Dress?

Meghan and those close to her have not dropped any clues as to what her wedding dress will look like.  People reports that her mother’s arrival in England may have given the world a clue. Doria Ragland landed in London on Wednesday to spend time with her daughter and help with pre wedding arrangements.  Ragland, who will play a special role in her daughter’s wedding, was spotted with a Burberry garment bag.  The luxury British brand has been one of the names on the short list of designers for the possible wedding.  It is possible that Burberry is the maker behind Meghan’s royal wedding dress, as the same fashion house  has designed multiple looks for a single royal wedding in the past.  At Kate Middleton’s wedding, for example, both she and her maid of honor wore dresses from Alexander McQueen.

We are looking forward to the wedding to witness both history being made and the best in fashion.  Will you be watching? You might also enjoy our look at royal wedding traditions as a preview to the big event.

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Meghan Markle's Best Style Moments Over the Years