Rock These Louis Vuitton Earbuds

The house of Louis Vuitton is one that has spawned many imitators but remains unrivaled in the loyalty of their aficionados. LV is a distinctive mark and a way of life for many who will stand in line for days to obtain the latest Vuitton offering. In response, the iconic house has expanded its product line and has now entered the audio market. Yes, you can now get earbuds from Louis Vuitton. The Louis Vuitton collection of unique wireless headphones features the latest in cutting edge audio technology. The brand describes the earphones as “portable companions” rather than an accessory. Here is a look at the newest Louis Vuitton earbuds.

Technical Features

In typical Louis Vuitton fashion, no detail has been spared in the making of these luxury earbuds. You are guaranteed to find the best in both design and technical features with this fashionable tech gear. The sound is delivered via 10 mm Beryllium drivers. The devices are Splash-proof IPX4, making them relatively water resistant. The earbuds from Louis Vuitton are comfortably sized and weighted, at just 9 grams per earphone.

The Louis Vuitton Horizon series earphones come equipped with a variety of functions. Obviously, there is an on/off button as well as a volume control function. These high-end earphones also come equipped with control buttons on each earphone that allows the user to answer calls and gain quick access to Google Assistant or Siri.

The Louis Vuitton earbuds are also equipped with a microphone. This is an omnidirectional microphone. It uses MEMS technology to enable call answer. These wireless earbuds also offer Bluetooth connectivity. The range is up to 20 meters for connection. NFMI technology enables the wearer to seamlessly switch between devices while using the earphones.

The Carrying Case

Every pair of Louis Vuitton earbuds sold are delivered with a stainless steel charging kit. This stylish kit includes both a mobile charging case and a USB-C cable. The lid is made with Sapphire glass. The white ring encircling the lid of the charging kit is engraved with steel polished pink-gold color Monogram flowers.

The charging time is impressive. In just 15 minutes, the user can expect a 50% battery charge for the carrying case. The battery has a full charge after just 40 minutes. When charging the earphones using the portable case, expect to gain 50% battery life in 40 minutes, and 100% battery charge in 90 minutes. When fully charges, expect to enjoy the earbuds from Louis Vuitton for 3.5 hours of continuous play. The charging case allows for two additional charges, meaning you can take advantage of 10.5 hours of earphone usage.

Louis Vuitton Horizon White Monogram Earphones


Louis Vuitton Horizon White Monogram Earphones Louis Vuitton Earbuds
Photo Courtesy of Louis Vuitton


These understated and stylish white monogram Louis Vuitton earbuds will go with any look in any season. The earphones have silicone ear tips and fit wings. The body is white polish acetate. The earphone’s embellishments include matte white monogram flowers along with the pink-gold color LV logo.

Louis Vuitton Horizon Red Monogram Earphones


Louis Vuitton Horizon Red Monogram Earphones Earbuds from Louis Vuitton
Photo Courtesy of Louis Vuitton


This offering from the Louis Vuitton Horizon line is a bold option. These earphones have a red polished acetate body. The earbuds feature matte red monogram flowers. The gold colored LV logo finishes the design. As with all the new LV earphones, this pair has silicone ear tips and fit wings.

Louis Vuitton Horizon Black Monogram Earphones


Louis Vuitton Horizon Black Monogram Earphones Louis Vuitton Earbuds
Photo Courtesy of Louis Vuitton


These earphones from the LV Horizon collection have a black polished acetate body. Matte black monogram flowers also adorn the earphones. The LV logo stands out against the black finish with a steel polished color. These earphones sell for $995, the same price as all the other current Louis Vuitton Horizon earphones.

Louis Vuitton Horizon Stripes Earphones


Louis Vuitton Horizon Stripes Earphones Louis Vuitton Earbuds
Photo Courtesy of Louis Vuitton


For those looking for something a bit more unique, consider the Louis Vuitton Horizon Stripes Earphones. This style has a black polish acetate body and matte black monogram flowers. The left earphone accents are bleu clair/bleu de France stripes and the unmistakable “L” logo. The right earphone features yellow and orange stripes with the “V” logo.

The new Louis Vuitton earbuds maintain the brand’s commitment to the timeless values of luxury, to its spirit of travel and outstanding creativity. So, will you be sporting a pair of earbuds from Louis Vuitton? For more LV luxury, see our article about the LV Now Yours Program.

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Rock These Louis Vuitton Earbuds