Leopard Print Shoes: The Best Options and How To Wear Them

A quick way to add drama to any outfit is to opt for a pair of leopard print shoes. There are so many leopard print shoe options available, from heels to boots to flats. When you pair your leopard print heels with the right outfit you can create a look that is totally glamorous. Here are some of the best options in leopard print shoes and how to wear them.

The Obvious Choice: Black


Pairing Leopard Print Shoes with Black
Photo Courtesy of Nordstrom


The classic, most obvious choice for how to wear leopard print shoes is to pair them with black. The color black is part of the leopard pattern, so it synchronizes perfectly, and the dark outfit will highlight the lighter tones in the pattern as well. A black dress, pants, or skirt all pair beautifully with leopard print shoes, like this stunning selection by Dolce & Gabbana. The leopard sequin bootie by D&G dazzles. These shoes are fierce from every angle. The sequins shine and the stiletto heel is appropriately dramatic. The sole even has a hide print to complete the look. These Dolce & Gabbana leopard print shoes sell for $845.

Pair with White and Light Neutral Colors


Print Heels with White and Neutral Colors
Photo Courtesy of Nordstrom


In contrast to black, leopard print heels can shine when worn with white or a light neutral color. Sand, blush, and cream are all good options, and you can opt to choose the hue that matches the lighter tones of the leopard print on your shoe. This pointy toe pump by Manolo Blahnik offers a great opportunity to pair leopard print shoes with a light color. This elegant shoe is a classic pump with a pointed toe. The top line is low cut and the shoe is finished with a wrapped stiletto heel. These beauties would pair nicely with crisp white pants or even a gold dress. These light colored leopard print shoes are available for $695.

Wear with Red or Other Bright Hues


Wearing Leopard Print Shoes with Red or Bright Colors
Photo Courtesy of Nordstrom


If you really want to turn heads, pair your leopard print shoes with a dress in a solid, vivid color like red. Other eye-popping options that look good with leopard are shades of orange and yellow. Because the leopard print is already visually “busy”, avoid patterns on the bright dress, and opt for clean and simple lines. The Feetish Peep Toe Platform Pump by Christian Louboutin is a perfect example of how stunning leopard print looks next to a bright red color. This microsuede pump is glamorous. Find your pair at Nordstrom for $975.

Keep it Casual with Denim


Leopard Print Shoes with Denim
Photo Courtesy of Nordstrom


A classic way to maintain a casual look while wearing leopard print is to pair it with denim. Leopard print ballerina flats and pumps always look good with a pair of denim jeans. Leopard print sandals shine when paired with denim shorts in warmer weather. The Sneak-Elyse platform mule from Stella McCartney is a fun way to keep your leopard look casual. These sporty slip-on shoes pair the classic leopard print with a chunky platform and sawtooth-edged sole. These laid back leopard print shoes sell for $785.

Stick with Solids


Kitten Heel Pumps
Photo Courtesy of Nordstrom


In general, your best bet for what to wear with leopard print heels is a solid colored outfit. Avoid competing patterns and keep the focus on the fabulous shoes. The leopard print is already daring and attention-getting enough, and adding competing patterns to your ensemble will take away the balance of your look. These sweet kitten heel pumps by Aquatalia Marianna would be overpowered and overshadowed by a patterned dress or striped pant. Let these gorgeous Italian-made genuine calf-hair pumps shine on their own by pairing them with a solid colored outfit. Find these kitten heel leopard print pumps at Nordstrom for $395.

As you can see, it is not that challenging to add leopard print shoes to your wardrobe. For more wild fashion ideas like leopard print heels, see our story about how to wear the latest trends in leopard print.

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Leopard Print Shoes: The Best Options and How To Wear Them