Jessica Minh Anh Summer Fashion Show at the Hoover Dam

Pushing the envelope is part of being a successful fashion designers.  Design houses are constantly trying to reinvent the fashion show, from startling new designs to extravagant runway sets.  While fashion houses like Dior and Chanel debut new collections in new and exciting locales, one fashion producer is taking experiential runway shows to new heights.  Literally.  Model and producer Jessica Minh Anh produced shows near the world’s most famous landmarks: the Eiffel Tower, One World Trade Center, London’s Tower Bridge and, most recently, the Hoover Dam.

International Designers

The J Summer Fashion Show 2017 turned the top of the Hoover Dam into a curved catwalk.  Attendees sat along the span of the dam to watch models wearing designs from jewelry collections, haute couture and more.  This show also included nine collections from designers from all across the globe.


Jessica Minh Anh has exclusively selected returning designers including Peruvian artist Ani Alvarez Calderon, Turkish haute couturier Gulnur Gunes, Pakistan award-winning designer Syeda Amera, and New York designer Cristina Sabatini. New faces such as Italian talent Kine Dione, Malaysian pride Emmanuel Haute Couture, Hong Kong brand Kaprice, Brazilian representative Patricia Nascimento, Peru’s Christian Zerrá, and Texas-based fashion house Aplomo will also take the stage.  Arizona Foothills Magazine

Why the Hoover Dam?

Minh Anh has staged shows in spectacular locations around the world.  But why does she select the landmarks she does?   She chooses these spectacular landmarks to be the backdrop of the shows not only to add visual impact but also to draw attention to the landmarks themselves.


I’m always drawn to spectacular mega structures, especially those that benefit mankind. Hoover Dam controls floods while providing water and electricity to millions of homes. It is truly a monument of human accomplishment against the rules of nature. I cannot think of a better venue to celebrate the best of modern architecture, culture, fashion, and technology.




Watch this video for a closer look at the show and the work that went into making it a reality.

We applaud Jessica Minh Anh’s boldness in her choice of locations for these shows.  Not only does it make for an exciting, unique show, but the buzz surrounding the show brings attention to up and coming designers and models.  We love that entrepreneurial spirit!

What about you?  What world landmark do you think would be the best backdrop for a runway show?  Let us know in the comments or on social media!

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Jessica Minh Anh Summer Fashion Show at the Hoover Dam