Who’s Leading the World of High-Fashion Wearable Tech?

Wearable tech has made its way into many people’s daily lives.  Look down at your wrist.  Are you wearing a smartwatch, fitness tracker, or some other kind of wearable technology right now?  Now that the market has opened up to a merger between fashion and technology, brands are developing new ways to create high-fashion wearable tech.  Many of these brands are still in the experimental, avant garde stages of design, but we predict that in the coming years fashion and technology will come together even more.




Our heels are your new essential for every meeting, event, and wedding you ever need to attend. Why? Because unlike other shoes, you can wear them, and wear them comfortably for hours. Our shoes are built with our LIFT technology, which is the most significant innovation in fashion footwear in nearly a century.


Many women have experienced the pain of wearing gorgeous, but uncomfortable, high heels.  Most heels are a single shank in the heel and an insole.  The designers at Thesis engineered their LIFT system to better support the wearer’s foot and body.  Because of the dispersion of the wearer’s weight throughout the shoe, Thesis stilettos feel and function like wedges.  Less of the wearer’s body weight is born by the toes, and the wearer’s center of gravity is closer to its natural state.  All this engineering means that Thesis LIFT stilettos are more comfortable for longer periods of wear.

To purchase a pair of Thesis shoes, you must order them one season ahead. Once the pre-sale closes, the shoes are hand-made then head to their studio in Los Angeles for inspection before the buyer receives them.  Sign up for the Thesis newsletter to be notified when pre-sale begins.

Modern Meadow



Our team unites smart, passionate, and caring people who innovate new materials to excite customers and do better for the planet. Biology and materials science are our foundation, engineering and analytics our strength, and design our core. We’re unlocking the capabilities of nature to solve our biggest sustainability challenges.


Love leather, but hate the moral quandary?  Modern Meadow is here to solve that dilemma.  Modern Meadow developed technology which allows them to engineer bioleather in a process entirely free of animals.  The engineers grow proteins in a lab to create the bioleather material.  They tan and finish the material, using eco-friendly processes, to create a final product that has the same qualities of natural animal leather.

The Unseen



T H E U N S E E N consists of varied talent, from anatomists, engineers, chemists and cutters all with one synced vision – that knowledge creates Magick. Lead by Material Alchemist Lauren Bowker, we are a House and setting that is well informed, well educated, inventive and sensitive to both Technology and Design. We offer luxury that enhances the unseen.


The scientists at The Unseen like to think of themselves as magicians more than engineers and chemists.  The fabrics from this innovative brand activate with wind or heat.  They also have a semi-permanent hair dye that changes color with heat.

Emel + Aris


Who’s Leading the World of High-Fashion Wearable Tech?
Photo courtesy of Emel + Aris


Quality is at the heart of Emel and Aris. All our unique technology is sourced and produced in the UK. Our fabric is all ethically sourced and our cotton, cashmere and wool fabrics all come from luxury Italian mill, Loro Piana. The coats are cut and assembled by some of the finest craftsmen in Britain.


In addition to being environmentally-friendly, Emel + Aris’ signature Smart Coat uses advanced tech to provide a “warm hug” to the wearer.  The patent-pending heating system incorporated into the coat not only provides warmth, but can help to increase circulation, reduce paint, and increase muscle flexibility.




Chromat began in 2010 drawing from founder Becca McCharen-Tran’s background in architecture. Each Chromat collection explores the intersection of architecture, fashion and technology, producing garments that augment and enhance the body’s performance through innovative design and cutting-edge technical fabrics.


Chromat’s runway shows have featured impressive 3D printing technology for years now.  Their SS17 Hyperwave collection used a 3D body modeling team who created renderings which then became the runway show’s designs.  Those 3D models came to life as they existed the 3D printers on the runway.  Chromat hopes 3D printing and body scanning can improve customer experience in the future by providing fully customized, perfectly tailored fashion for the buyer.

So, have you embraced high-fashion wearable tech yet?  Which of these products are you most excited about?  If you love all things fashion and technology, be sure to see the tech trends we saw on the runway this year.

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Who’s Leading the World of High-Fashion Wearable Tech?