Highlights from Milan Fashion Week FW16

We here at dotLuxury love to watch the latest fashion trends.  This past week the latest in fall and winter fashions were shown during Milan Fashion Week.  The designers left us longing for a new wardrobe.  Fall and winter 2016 should be fabulous when it comes to designer clothing.  Even if you could not make it to Italy for the famous show, you can follow along below with some highlights from our favorite fashion designers.  The videos below will put you up front and center for one of the most fabulous events in the fashion world.

Prada showcased corsets and belts worn with full skirted dresses and coats.  If you love fur, the fur sleeved jackets in this collection will be perfect for your wardrobe.  Definitely one to watch in FW16.  You can see all of the looks from Prada here or watch the video below.

Gucci included looks with puffy sleeves and trompe l’oeil decorated dresses.  Get an up close and personal look at the designs on the website here or in the video below.

Bottega Veneta is a designer to watch for classic style.  Suits, light dresses, and floral prints were the highlights of the show.  See the fall and winter looks in the video below.

 Marni was a hit with a combination of innovation and elegance.  You won’t want to miss the balloon sleeved blouses and curved shoulder lines.  See all of the looks in the video below.

Can’t get enough?  You can watch even more videos and catch all of your favorite designers at Fashion Week Online.  Keep an eye out for even more fashion week highlights from events held around the world right here on .LUXURY.  Be sure to subscribe to our newsletter to keep up with those and more luxury events.  Who was your favorite designer from Milan Fashion Week?

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Highlights from Milan Fashion Week FW16