How to Style SS18 Pieces from Tom Ford Now

We recently wrote about the pieces from Tom Ford’s SS18 collection that we have been coveting.  If you have been able to get your hands on some of those signature pieces, you may be wondering what the best way is to wear them out.  We have chosen two of our favorite pieces from Tom Ford, the gorgeous blazers and high-waisted trousers, to give you some styling tips so you are ready for Spring!

How to Style Statement Blazers


How to Style SS18 Pieces from Tom Ford Now fb


The models on the Tom Ford runway sported some seriously jealousy-inducing blazers.  We especially loved the strong shoulders and bold colors of many of the pieces.  Most of the blazers in the show could be seen draping over the model’s shoulders, instead of being worn traditionally.  We like this as an editorial choice, but it may not be practical for everyday wear.

Blazers are a classic choice for work, and Ford’s newest iterations would make a powerful, feminine statement at the office.  While wearing just a denim bralette under your blazer would probably not work, we suggest styling the blazer with a silk camisole and a pair of slim fitting trousers.  Let the blazer be the star of the show, while the accessories are supporting actors.

For evening, we do suggest copying Ford’s choice to style the blazer with a drapey top and tailored shorts.  A softer fabric serves to minimize the harsh lines of the blazer’s shoulders.  Pairing those items with a pair of shorts and heels adds sex appeal to what could easily become a very buttoned-up look.  We do love pieces that can work in the office as well as for a night out on the town.

How to Style High-Waisted Trousers


How to Style SS18 Pieces from Tom Ford Now fb


Higher-waisted pants have been making a comeback for a few years, but we are pleased to see the elegant spin Tom Ford put on the trend.  The trousers in the SS18 collection featured high waists cascading down into wide legs.  This silhouette is much more flattering and, we think, more luxurious, than “mom jean” style high-waist pants.

The point of wearing high-waisted trousers is to create the always desirable hour-glass figure. So you will need be sure your outfit highlights the waist!  Choose a blouse or top that can be tucked into the pants to showcase the waistline of the look.

When you are styling a pair of high-waisted pants, you are better served to choose a long jacket over a short or cropped jacket.  Short jackets will hit your shape too near your waist, giving you a boxy silhouette.  Longer coats will draw the eye all the way down your body, drawing attention to the nipped in waist — not competing with it.

Fit is King

For both the blazer and the trousers, a good fit is of the utmost importance.  No matter how you style them, both of these pieces will be more polished when they are well-tailored to your body.  Do your research, find a tailor you trust, and invest in custom tailoring for your designer pieces.  You will thank yourself after!

So, which of these pieces from Tom Ford will you be wearing this spring?  Or perhaps you will sport a combo of both?  We are huge Tom Ford fans and can’t wait to give these looks a try this spring!

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How to Style SS18 Pieces from Tom Ford Now