Our Favorite Environmentally-Conscious Designers

The world’s fashion industry as a whole has an enormous carbon footprint, from using up natural resources to carbon emitted by shipping garments around the world.  In the past years, many in the fashion community have committed themselves to more sustainable practices.  There are a few of  our favorite environmentally-conscious designers who preserve the beauty of the Earth while creating beautiful fashions.

Amour Vert


Amour Vert is deeply committed to making sustainable practices, ethical products and positive environmental impacts the gold standard for the fashion industry.

With every tee shirt you purchase from Amour Vert, the company plants a tree in North America.  The brand has already planted over 140,000 trees with partner American Forests.   Amour Vert makes use of American manufacturing, non-toxic dyes and a zero-waste philosophy, as well as specially engineered fabrics. Their  sustainable textiles and blended fabrics are crafted to be soft, flattering and long-lasting.

Our Favorite Environmentally-Conscious Designers
Photo courtesy of Amour Vert

We love their adorable Annette top made from organic Texas-grown cotton.



EDUN is building long-term, sustainable growth opportunities by supporting manufacturers, community-based initiatives and partnering with African artists and artisans.
Founded by U2 frontman Bono and his wife Ali Hewson in 2005, EDUN creates organic and eco-clothing that will help to create sustainable employment in developing economies throughout the world. In addition to their eco-friendly practices Edun seeks to increase trade with Africa to provide more opportunities for the people of the continent.
Our Favorite Environmentally-Conscious Designers
Photo courtesy of Edun
We especially like their beaded viscose skirt for fall.



…in exchange for the emissions and water used by our clothes, we help plant forests to naturally capture CO2 from the air, invest in clean water solutions, and purchase landfill gas offsets.


Reformation is arguably the most transparent eco-friendly fashion brand in the world. The company developed a special formula, named the RefScale, that tracks their eco footprint by carefully calculating their emissions, natural resource usage, and waste production.  Each garment listed on the Reformation website, shows the customer this information and how it compares to other clothes produced in the US so buyers can make informed decisions.


Our Favorite Environmentally-Conscious Designers
Photo courtesy of Reformation


Their high waist cigarette jeans are incredibly chic and have a much lower impact on the environment than most jeans.



Fast Fashion is Fast Food. Empty calories that make us feel full.  Process matters. Quality matters. Honesty matters.

Zady’s mission is to change the systemic environment issues affecting the fashion industry.  They want not only to change their own practices, but the mindset of consumers around the world.  Instead of overbuying low quality garments that have a huge impact on the environment, they hope consumers will start purchasing fewer, high-quality eco-friendly pieces.

Our Favorite Environmentally-Conscious Designers
Photo courtesy of Zady

While we adore their entire collection inspired by Emma Watson, our favorite piece is the soft pink Zady silk dress.

Do you have a favorite environmentally conscious fashion brand?  We are always looking for new designers who make use of sustainable practices.  Let us know in the comment section or on social media! You can also see a few more of our picks here.

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Our Favorite Environmentally-Conscious Designers