It’s in the Details: Look for These Iconic Luxury Accents

When it comes to fads, logo-mania goes in and out of style. But while this passing trend may make for a bold, of-the-moment statement, if it’s longevity you’re after, then the subtle accents on these accessories will carry you well into the future.

Christian Louboutin’s Rouge Soles

Pair of black Christian Louboutin velvet heels

There’s no missing the unmistakable flash of red when you see an iconic pair of Louboutins pass by you on the street. The proprietary red soles are so iconic that Louboutin trademarked them, but many are unaware of the story behind the statement soles.

Legend goes that master shoemaker Christian Louboutin was finishing off a pair of pumps when out of the corner of his eye, he caught his assistant painting her nails bright red. He seized the polish from her hands and began painting the underside of the heels. From that defining moment, the signature rouge sole has come to represent the ultimate in luxury shoes.

Bottega Veneta’s Signature Weave

Botteta Veneta signature weave bag

Bearing no insignia other than its classic woven design, Bottega Veneta‘s signature “Intrecciato” handbag may be the closet exemplar of “stealth wealth” when it comes to luxury handbags.

Exceptional craftsmanship and a minimal aesthetic have become the brand’s codes, to the extent that the house has coined the phrase “when your own initials are enough” to define its understated appearance. Its minimalist ethos draws masses of discerning fans today who prefer handbags with timeless elegance.

Gucci’s Everlasting Web Stripe

Cognac Gucci saddle bag featuring red-and-green web stripe on strap

While Gucci continues to produce handbags, leather goods, and accessories emblazoned with its famous “GG” pattern, the company’s web stripe is a more inconspicuous identifier of Italian-made luxury. Riffing on equestrian elements, the red-and-green pattern is said to be inspired by the saddle girth used in horseback riding.

Christian Dior’s Cannage Stitching

Christian Dior

From the house of the designer who changed how women dress completely comes this tribute to the man behind the magic. The cannage design consists of a series of intersecting lines that mimic rattan. It has come to adorn everything Dior, from handbags to shoes.

The pattern originated at the 1947 show where Monsieur Dior first unveiled the “new look” to the world. But it wasn’t on the merchandise, then—it is the house’s tribute to the salon chairs at at the event. Understated pieces like the Lady Dior and Diorama bags are a tribute to feminine elegance.

Chanel’s Timeless Tweed

Boucle Chanel tweed jacket

Apart from the iconic intersecting C’s, the house of Chanel‘s signature is its use of bouclé tweed. Incorporated in a jacket, handbag, or even trainers, the complex manufacturing process used by the house’s atelier Maison Lesage results in signature subtle irregularities—no two pieces are exactly alike.

Gabrielle Coco Chanel was originally inspired to use the fabric after borrowing a tweed jacket from her boyfriend, the Duke of Westminster. It has since become incorporated in every Chanel collection, representing the feminine elegance that defines the house.

The very best brands know that being splashy is simply not necessary. Instead, they rely on subtle hints and signature finishing touches. For those in the know, these are just as effective (if not more so) at signalling a lifelong commitment to quality and style.

Photos: Christian Louboutin, Paolo Bona /, Gucci, Dior, Tradesy

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It's in the Details: Look for These Iconic Luxury Accents