Couture Wedding Designers You Need to Know

When you walk down the aisle on your wedding day, you should be the center of attention in a gown that is perfectly suited to you.  Designer wedding gowns are wonderful, but for a truly unique look, couture is the way to go.  These three haute couture designers create one-of-a-kind bridal outfits for brides searching for exceptional gowns for their wedding day.  The gowns may not be for the faint of heart, but for fashion-forward brides that may be just what you are looking for.

Francesco Scognamiglio



It is perhaps not surprising that a designer who worked for years with Donatella Versace would have a distinctly couture sensibility when it comes to bridal apparel.   His avante-garde designs come down the Milan runways, showcasing his tendency to experiment with both shape and fabrics.  Fashion-forward celebs like Lady Gaga turn to Scognamiglio when they want to make a head-turning arrival on the red carpet, so his bridal designs are sure to do the same.  Scognamiglio’s latest bridal gown was embellished with porcelain rose buds, both on the pink satin gown and across the veil.

Giambattista Valli



Giambattista Valli hails from Rome, Italy, but he has made a name for himself in the world of Paris haute couture.  Countless celebrities turn to Valli for opulent red carpet gowns, and in 2011 he launched his own couture line.  If you are searching for an over-the-top gown fit for a princess, it is likely Valli’s designs will appeal to you.  His gowns often feature dramatic full skits overflowing with tulle and mousseline.


I have made bouquets of pleats, bouquets of flowers, bouquets of ruffles, bouquets of feathers. Often I design in mousseline, held tightly around the waist, and with something else going on all around. (Giambattista Valli)


Zuhair Murad


Couture Wedding Designers You Need to Know
via Zuhair Murad


Lebanese fashion designer Zuhair Murad’s designs are frequently seen on red carpets around the world.  The designer’s elegant gowns blend soft femininity with a modern edge.  His bridal designs are no different.  While Murad operates storefronts in Paris and London, his eleven-story building in Beirut is home to his bridal boutique.  This two-story operation sells and displays the designer’s gorgeous couture wedding gowns to exclusive clientele.

Murad’s recent bridal collection featured intricate lace motifs strategically placed atop sheer fabric, giving a sensual edge to traditional bridal lace.  Many of the gowns featured his signature overskirt, a removable ball skirt that adds glamour during the ceremony but which the bride can remove for the reception.  The collection even included a daring illusion lace jumpsuit with flared pant legs.


Couture is a place where I can allow my imagination to take center, and I am able to create pieces that reflect who I am as a designer and more importantly, as an artist. It’s the best part of being a designer, for me.   (Zuhair Murad)


While these bridal looks are certainly not for every bride, that is actually the point.  These couture looks will distinguish your wedding from the dozens your guests will see over their lifetime, making your wedding genuinely memorable.

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Couture Wedding Designers You Need to Know