How to Build a Personal Brand Through Fashion

There are more than a few personality quizzes and interests tests available online. There’s the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, the Strong Interest Inventory and the EQSQ test. Or, you could go down the astrology rabbit hole—Taurus loves earthy things, Leo thinks all the world’s a stage, etc.

All methods are worthy of your consideration, since any opportunity to know yourself better is an opportunity to dress yourself better. Here’s how to harness your personality to amplify your brand through fashion:

Have a Focus

What are you about? Career, travel, self discovery? If you hoped for a friend to sum you up in three words, what would they be? What about a stranger, or a business acquaintance?

Make a list and circle the three that resonate with you the most. You might find they seem to be on opposite ends of the personality spectrum, like “powerful” and “romantic”, but tapping into those contrasting traits is exactly where you’ll find your niche. Think: the preppy bohemian Ali MacGraw, or fierce and glamorous Diana Ross.

Edit Your Closet

Closet full of elegant designer clothes

There is a lot to be said for the KonMari method. It’s Japanese tidying expert Marie Kondo’s minimalist system for helping you shed anything in your life that doesn’t spark joy, and it works. Even Gwyneth Paltrow’s Goop squad tried it out on their closets. Using Kondo’s method to edit your closet is key, since how you feel in your wardrobe shapes how you move throughout your day and is a direct reflection of your confidence levels.

Categorize your pieces by where you’ll wear them (the office and business functions, weekend wear, formal functions, resort wear, etc.). Then, try each one on and ask yourself if it aligns with those key characteristics you’ve identified as what you want to project and solidify as you.

Find Your Key Labels

Seeing any patterns in your closet that correspond with your brand? Want to be commanding and see a swath of Versace hanging in front of you? Or if you prefer to project a sensible, classic nature, hang on to your Max Mara. While collections change every season, each fashion house and label has an innate personality. Every piece you own says something about you, right down to your handbag.

Give Yourself a Reality Check

Is it functional (if it needs to be)? Does it actually bring you joy, or are you clinging tightly to those boots you bought last year that toe the line of fanciful colorblocking when your style muse is more Grace Kelly and less Kendall Jenner? Do you have a watch box full of Chopard and Mondavi when you’re magnetically drawn to the imaginative designs of MB&F? Be real with yourself.

Build Your Uniform

Stylish woman

Nothing is more your brand than your style—pieces you want to be identified with over and over. Collect with care, building out your personal uniform with the strategic alignment of an agency of record. While you may love jewelry, a collection that clashes Tiffany & Co. with Bulgari is like trying to find a compromise between Audrey Hepburn and Elizabeth Taylor—there’s too much room in between.

If you feel most at home in your off-duty pieces, stack tees, shirts, sweaters and trousers, playing close attention to cut, drape and fold. If your business attire takes precedence, consider color plays, button placement and shoe height.

Over time, you’ll begin to find your sweet spot—take powerful-romantic January Jones, who favors Versace and Betty Draper-esque curls on the red carpet; or the daydreamer-genius of Ruth Negga’s fanciful flapper stylings. After all, nothing is more attractive than being totally and unequivocally yourself.

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Photos: Igor Ovsyannykov, Llywelyn Nys

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How to Build a Personal Brand Through Fashion