7 Amazing Fashion Designers in Japan and China

Typically we think of cities like Paris and Milan when we think of high fashion, but there are many remarkable designers in Japan and China as well.  These designers are combing their own cultural background with their unique aesthetics to develop exciting new collections.  These are six Japanese and Chinese designers you should know.

Huishan Zhang


7 Amazing Fashion Designers in Japan and China
Photo courtesy of Huishan Zhang


As a London-based, Chinese-born designer, Huishan has mapped out his signature style, finding inspiration and direction through his national identity.  Creating a luxurious brand where Eastern heritage meets Western influences, his collections create a romantic, sophisticated and ageless philosophy with feminine details, strong lines and directional design.


Huishan’s award-winning designs are seen in numerous stores around the world, including, Barneys, Bergdorf Goodman, and Moda Operandi.  His collection for Autumn/Winter 2017 features feminine pieces with a twist.  Sheer flowing fabrics are paired with chunky knits.  Long ribbons fly loose from billowing blouses.

Christine Lau


7 Amazing Fashion Designers in Japan and China
Photo courtesy of Chictopia


Each season of design in Chictopia possesses a complete story, with its silhouette bold and assertive, pacing between that of a mature girl and an adorable woman. A rebellious soul hides beneath the feminine aesthetics. The mix of saturated colours with a nostalgic style allows for a refreshing aesthetic, humor within elegance, perseverance of individuality can be seen beneath the art and literary nature of the brand.


Designer Christine Lau’s textile arts background serves her well in her designs for her brand Chictopia.  Her garments feature her own prints, or make use of advanced techniques like laser-cutting and composite coating.  Her 2017 Pre-Fall collection features playful feminine looks featuring whimsical unicorn and star motifs.

Liu Min


7 Amazing Fashion Designers in Japan and China
Photo courtesy of Ms. Min


Contemporary, yet timeless, the boldly feminine Ms MIN is aimed at the woman who understands that grace is a mindset and her wardrobe a most revealing expression of her point of view.


Liu Min’s designs interweave global influences together to create timeless looks for a sophisticated woman.  Her cultural background is evident in the inclusion of lush Chinoiserie in her Fall/Winter 2017 collection for her brand Ms. Min.  Sumptuous silks drape effortlessly in all the right places on a woman’s form.

Shigeki Morino


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Our image of masculinity differs from the so-called working men’s tasted, often represented as American-style casual fashion.  Instead, we’ve created the image of a man who puts a casual twist on tailored clothes. You could say, we’ve taken masculine tailoring for women and crossed it over to men’s fashion.


Our first Japanese designer on our list, Shigeki Morino’s Patchy Cake Eater brand creates uber cool tailored pieces for men.  Morino’s Spring/Summer 16 collection featured impeccably tailored shorts and lightweight cropped suits.

Yuma Koshino


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By discovering an intrinsic quality of a material and combining it with the latest trends the brand offers enjoyable, comfortable, and original clothes that provide inner content for active ladies in their 30s.


Fashion in Yuma Koshino’s blood.  As the daughter of Hiroko Koshino niece of both designers Michiko Koshino and Junko Koshino, she followed in her mother’s footsteps by attending fashion school and creating her own brand.  Her enormous Autumn/Winter 2017 collection included looks that feature her own geometric print designs in gorgeous jewel tones.

Yuki Torii


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I have traveled all around the the world. But I don’t know why I need always come back to Paris. The atmosphere of this city suits me perfectly.


Paris-based, Japanese-born designer Yuki Torii designs are bright, bold, and happy.  While her collections are full of whimsical patterns and bold colors, they are all very wearable.

Which of these designers’ looks speak to you the most?  Let us know in the comment section!

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7 Amazing Fashion Designers in Japan and China