A Watch for Every Profession: Here’s What Your Timepiece Says About You

While it may be true that the eyes are the windows to the soul, sometimes it’s the face on your wrist that reveals your personality. Some watches exude opulence and luxury, while others hint at other subtle traits about their wearers. Ultimately, no watch is silent, so choose a timepiece that reflects your taste and profession. Here’s what the face on your timepiece says about you:

Apple Watch: The Innovative Entrepreneur

Apple watch

A consummate multi-tasker, you live life on-the-go. Whether taking an Uber between meetings across town or getting in a quick workout during your lunch break, you’re always ready to respond to important emails. Your Apple Watch is as innovative and as unconventional as your work, and it expresses the same kind of constant availability as the open company culture your business is built on.

Omega: The Bold, Respected Lawyer

Respected lawyer typing on laptop

Practical and reliable—and stylishly put-together without being overly fussy—you are dependable, approachable and someone people can count on. You wear Omega’s Constellation watch because it works for either the conservative courtroom or your bustling after-work social life, and you can count on its reliable functionality for when you need to bill your clients in 10-minute increments.

Michael Kors: The Elegant Jet-Setter

Plane wing in the sunset over a city

When you constantly jet across the country at a moment’s notice, you need something that works with your east coast wardrobe but can blend seamlessly with your warm-weather wear for that last-minute weekend assignment in Miami. Whether you are a high-flying PR exec with a Jaryn Gold-Tone and Acetate Watch or a globe-trotting chief marketing officer sporting a Bradshaw Two-Tone Watch, you leave a lasting impression wherever your job may take you.

Movado: The Conscientious Designer

Modern black and white design

As a creative professional, you know that how you choose to present yourself is a direct extension of your design aesthetic—and that certainly reigns true for your timepiece. A carefully selected accessory makes for a great talking point and a way to reference thoughtful use of materials, architectural elements and value. One of Movado’s clean, modern designs—like the Masino or the Museum Classic—is sure to get the right message across.

Bremont: The Discerning Sportsman

Yacht sailing into the sunset

You spare no expense when it comes to your boat’s land tender and can offer a ready explanation as to why you chose the calfskin leather on your bespoke Italian golf shoes, so why would it be any different when it comes to your timepiece? Someone who can spot quality a mile away, and the term “full-throttle” doesn’t begin to describe your life.

You need something that stands up to your active lifestyle without sacrificing beauty and craftsmanship, which is just what you’ll find in the range of British-made timepieces from Bremont. Their selection of meticulously crafted watches like the Regatta OTUSA will suit your needs whether you’re docking in port or out on the links.

Rolex: The Hard-Working Executive

Table in boardroom with lots of windows

You could be a CEO, a mid-level executive or even a committee member of a charity organization, but one thing is for sure: wearing one of the world’s most well-recognized timepieces, like Rolex’s Oyster Perpetual or Explorer, suggests that you are a hard worker who can set goals and achieve them.

Don’t think your investment goes unnoticed—you’ve put in the long hours and dedication to get to where you are, and your watch reflects that. Your timeless elegance will never go out of style.

Whether your wrist is sporting a Breguet, a Patek Philippe or a TAG Heuer, your watch is a reflection of your professional ethos. When selecting the perfect watch, make sure you consider what your timepiece can say about you, and give them something to talk about.

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A Watch for Every Profession: Here's What Your Timepiece Says About You