Cartier Libre Collection: New Watch Additions for 2019

Cartier’s Libre collection consistently lives up to its name, after all, “libre” is French for freedom! In contrast to its other collections, the Libre collection goes beyond the signature look of the brand. Take a look at the four new pieces in the 2019 Cartier Libre collection to see the latest in bold watch design. You will love these Cartier watches!

Tank Chinoise Red


Tank Chinoise Red Cartier Libre Collection: New Watch Additions for 2019
Photo Courtesy of Cartier


With its bold color and exaggerated rectangle face, the Tank Chinoise Red is a bold design for Cartier watches.


Cartier chose to use this watch from 1921 for this stylistic exercise and to pair it with a colour imbued with strong symbolism in China: red, for passion and vitality. When placed in this prism of colors, the square lengthens to become a rectangle bordered by two lintels of calibrated rubies highlighted by black enamel. A line of diamonds adorns the brancards and edge. The complete composition and the tension between the colored elements and the diamonds strengthen the original architectural reference of this watch…the watch features an 18K white gold case set with brilliant-cut diamonds and rubies with black enamel accents and a black lacquer dial. Powered by a quartz movement, the Tank Chinoise Red watch is delivered on a black alligator leather strap. – Watch Collecting Lifestyle

Cartier Diagonale


Cartier Diagonale Cartier watches
Photo Courtesy of Cartier


The Cartier Diagonole sports an innovative shape, pave diamonds, and also a minimalist face. This makes it a bold move within the Cartier Libre Collection. Eighteen-carat white gold cases this watch. Black and burgundy enamel adorn the case along with a total of 70 brilliant cut diamonds totally 0.9 carats.


The Diagonale is an Art Deco study in geometric lines traced in red and black enamel along with rows of pavé diamonds. The long stretched Roman numeral at 6 o’clock is a take on one of Cartier’s signature codes. The movement is quartz. –Forbes


Although quite unlike any other, this watch seems to be taken straight from the Maison’s sketchbooks. With its contorted and distorted features, it lays all expectations to rest. The lines of red or black enamel are accompanied by paved diamonds, leading a new and daring harmony to emerge from the use of color. With a minuscule dial distinctively stamped with Cartier’s watchmaking codes, the Cartier Diagonale watch pays homage to a heritage of disrupting the classics. Powered by a quartz movement, the Cartier Diagonale watch is delivered on a burgundy alligator leather strap. -Watch Collecting Lifestyle


Cartier Baignoire Allongée Celadon and Black


Cartier Baignoire Allongée Celadon and Black Cartier Libre Collection: New Watch Additions for 2019
Photo Courtesy of Cartier


The elongated, elegant look of the Baignoire Allongée creates a very sophisticated appearance. The Baignoire Allongée Celadon gleams with emeralds and also rare, blue Paraiba tourmalines in white gold. In contrast, the Baignoire Allongée Black features black spinel and yellow sapphires in yellow gold. Diamonds, black spinels, and yellow sapphires stud each of the designs. The Cartier manual wound caliber 1917 MC powers both editions of this design. Over 450 pave diamonds adorn the stunning dial in the middle of the face.


This watch’s volume is a surface for creation.  When perceived with the eyes, each gemstone becomes a minuscule speck of light. The Baignoire Allongée Black watch comes with an 18K yellow gold case set with brilliant-cut diamonds, black spinels and yellow sapphires. Its dial is set with 473 brilliant-cut diamonds totaling 1.75 carats and is delivered with a black alligator strap. – Watch Collecting Lifestyle


All of these four fashion-forward Cartier watches are sure to be the envy of all those who see them. Cartier is producing only fifty of each of the designs in the Cartier Libre Collection. The exception is the Tank Chinoise Red, of which they are creating 100. For even more Cartier inspiration, explore Panthère de Cartier Jewelry Design: Big, Bold Luxury.

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Cartier Libre Collection: New Watch Additions for 2019