5 Stunning Pieces from Japanese Jewelry Designers

Many Japanese jewelry designers create fine jewelry inspired by the magnificent natural surroundings of the island nation.  These pieces are simple and elegant, the perfect additions to your jewelry collection.  These are a few of our favorite pieces from Japanese jewelry designers.

Niwaka – Renka Pendant


Long considered one of Japan’s leading jewelers, NIWAKA stays true to its heritage by celebrating the vibrant history and culture of Kyoto, Japan. Known and admired for their dedication to craftsmanship and the use of superior materials, NIWAKA Fine Jewelry celebrates tradition and embraces the future while presenting its brand to the world.


5 Stunning Pieces from Japanese Jewelry Designers
Photo courtesy of Niwaka


Niwaka’s designs reflect the natural world around them.  This gorgeous Renka pendant looks like wisteria blossoms cascading from the delicate necklace.  Wisteria features prominently in Japanese poetry and art.  This piece evokes the beautiful feeling of wisteria swaying in a gentle breeze.  The pendant is made from 8K white gold, blue sapphires and diamonds.

Uyeda Jeweller – K-Line Ring


Uyeda Jeweller embraces the idea that – “Less is more” and the “Aesthetic sense of Subtraction.” Japanese minimalistic beauty is born of respecting materials and eliminating waste as much as possible. Our vital aesthetics lies in blending this Japanese sense of aesthetic beauty together with Western techniques. Exceptional jewelry stands out in two points – Its ability to create happiness for its wearer, and the possibility to hand it down generation to generation over 100 years or more.


5 Stunning Pieces from Japanese Jewelry Designers
Photo courtesy of Uyeda Jeweller


Uyeda prides itself on creating fine jewelry that meshes Western techniques with traditional Japanese craftsmanship.  The brand also seeks to create pieces of such high quality that they become heirloom pieces that will last for generations.  We love the striking simplicity of this pearl ring from their K-Line collection.  The ring features South Sea cultured pearls and diamonds.

Gimel – Iris Brooch


Gimel is Karouru Kay Akihara’s Japanese studio and is renowned for its fastidious craftsmanship utilising exquisite and rare jewels in an array of fine jewelry pieces, ranging from elegantly simple settings to gorgeously realized wonders, like the diamond and diamantoid garnet Lotus brooch sold at Christie’s.


5 Stunning Pieces from Japanese Jewelry Designers
Photo courtesy Gimel


Gimel seeks to reflect the beauty of nature in their jewelry.  Many Gimel pieces take the form of flora and fauna of Japan, like turtles, crabs, and leaves.  This lovely brooch mimics the proud elegance of a freshly bloomed iris.  Sapphires, white diamonds, and yellow diamonds set in platinum shine brilliantly.

Tasaki – Balance Signature Ring


 Tasaki is Japan’s only Maison with its own pearl farm and that is recognized for its advanced diamond polishing technologies.  The superior radiance born from our commitment to making everything in-house and a culture that embraces the beauty of nature, becomes one with the wearer, creating a unique, radiant beauty.


5 Stunning Pieces from Japanese Jewelry Designers
Photo courtesy of Tasaki


Tasaki takes special care in the farming and selection of precious stones so that every one of their pieces makes use of only the best stones.  Tasaki handles every step of the process of farming cultured pearls for their jewelry.  This modern ring features five 8.0mm Akoya pearls set atop a 18K yellow gold ring.

Mikimoto – Laurel Bracelet


For today’s connoisseur of fine jewelry, Mikimoto combines timeless elegance with sophisticated, modern design. To own Mikimoto is a unique and luxurious pleasure. To wear Mikimoto is to reflect the purity of the ocean… the mystery of creation… and to know you are adorned with the finest cultured pearls in the world.


5 Stunning Pieces from Japanese Jewelry Designers
Photo courtesy of Mikimoto


The house of Mikimoto is over a century old.  Mikimoto uses its years of experience to create fine jewelry featuring cultured pearls.  The Laurel bracelet replicates the movement of leaves waving in the wind.  The bracelet features 11mm white South Sea pearls, 7.4 carats of white diamonds, all set in 18K white gold.

Mikimoto also made our list of diamond necklaces every woman should own.  So do you own pieces from any of these Japanese jewelry designers?  We would love to see pictures on social media!

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5 Stunning Pieces from Japanese Jewelry Designers