The Latest in Menswear from New York Fashion Week

The presence of menswear at January’s New York Fashion Week is typically a bit lower. Most designers have already debuted their collections in Paris or Milan. This year there were still a handful of standout designers who presented us with new menswear collections. Review the latest in menswear from New York Fashion Week from designers Todd Snyder, Tom Ford, and Robert Geller.

Midwest Chic


Midwest Chic Menswear
Photo courtesy of Todd Snyder


Todd Snyder’s Fall 2019 collection looked a bit as if the inspiration was “midwestern den, but make it fashion.” Warm browns and goldenrod yellows played off of retro plaids and wide wale corduroy. Snyder himself is an Iowa State alum, and there were several nods to his home state in the collection. We continue to see menswear pants tailored with a much looser fit, but the trousers in this collection were also styled with a bit of a rolled cuff. The cold weather jackets in the collection fit into either the streetwear or shearling trends that have been popular for the past year.

Monochromatic Color


Monochromatic Color Menswear New York Fashion Week
Photo courtesy of Tom Ford


For his latest ready-to-wear collection at New York Fashion Week, Tom Ford created looks that were somewhat toned down in detail and silhouette.  Instead of overcomplicating the design, Ford chose instead to focus on impeccable tailoring and rich, luxe fabrics in a single color. While the neutral looks were stunning, we were especially drawn to the olive and ruby looks. From the looks of this Tom Ford collection, velvet in menswear isn’t going anywhere any time soon.

High Fashion Athleisure for Men


High Fashion Athleisure for Men
Photo courtesy of Robert Geller


Designer Robert Geller teamed up with his friend, the SVP of menswear for Lululemon, to create a ready-to-wear collection that elevated standard men’s activewear. The performance wear featured a strong lunar motif and combined neutral tones with typically bright activewear colors. We are sure men are ready to jump on the fashion athleisure trend that women have been enjoying for years.

We hope to see more of these menswear trends from other designers throughout the year. Which of these trends will you be incorporating into your wardrobe? Did you have any other favorites from New York Fashion Week this year?

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The Latest in Menswear from New York Fashion Week