The Grandpa Sneaker Trend and How to Wear Them

Isn’t it mesmerizing the way in which fashion can take all of these amazing twists and turns? What was once considered old is now new and what’s new can become old again (dated) so quickly! There are numerous trends from the past that I still consider as fashionable. In other words, I can see these styles making a comeback in the fashion world. We all remember shoulder pads, bell bottoms!  However, there are other trends from the past that I don’t consider fashionable yet they have become today’s most coveted looks. Cut to the latest footwear trend; the “Grandpa Sneaker” trends. Yes, you read that correctly! The big sneakers with thick soles and big arches are back and trendier than ever.
I have distinct memories from my childhood of my dad wearing the exact same sneakers that have now been “revamped” by designers such as Balenciaga and Louis Vuitton. I’m pretty sure I recently saw a my dads sneaker in Fendi’s spring campaign…like almost identical minus the Fendi logo. Umm, I seriously had to do a double take. I love my pops but fashion and my dad are two words that should never be used in the same sentence. I would really love to interview the designer who decided to bring back this particular trend from the 80’s. Do you think they were cleaning out their dad’s closet and stumbled across a pair of his old kicks? While researching the latest sneaker trends, I came across a pair of Nike’s that I used to wear when I lived in Paris in 1996! Can you believe it? I remember thinking they were the coolest sneakers I had ever known and sure enough, 20 years later, Nike re-released the same style sneaker. I think it’s brilliant that Nike can dust off old styles and reintroduce them to the world as “vintage” and sell the same look to an entirely different generation. If I had only kept my Nikes, I would have been ahead of the game.
So needless to say, I am not the biggest fan of the latest sneaker trend. Maybe it’s because I’m tall and don’t need the extra height or the exaggerated sole? Or maybe it’s just because I have enough soul and don’t need anymore lol! Regardless of my opinion, I wanted to try out the latest trend and see what all the hype is about. I picked out three different sneakers and styled them out different based on the shoe I was wearing. I must say my poor feet were tired of wearing stilettos and the idea of wearing sneakers sounded amazing.
Exploring the grandpa sneaker trend with Kristen Taekman. How do you rock this look?
The first look is all about the “orthopedic trend” (believe it or not, this is the name of the trend). These chunky, geriatric chic sneakers are being styled out by some of the leading ladies in the fashion world. You can see anyone from Bella Hadid to Sophie Turner rocking the orthopedic trend as they channel their inner modern day “working girl”. There are so many orthopedic-friendly styles available, many of which have been released by some of the top designers such as Gucci, Chanel, Balenciaga and Louis Vuitton (just to name a few). I opted for the classic Nike Air Max 90 sneaker and paired it with a classic blush pink suit and a Bally army green tote to add a pop of color. I love a monochromatic look so the blush Nikes paired well with my go-to spring suit.
Of all designers, I personally think Louis Vuitton designed the most fashionable orthopedic shoe. The sneaker is a bit more modern than some of the other brands and has a sleek retro shape. I also love the accent colors and the classic LV logo which adds a super chic “worth the money” kind of touch. My least favorite is the Balenciaga triple S sneaker. There isn’t anything exciting about the sneaker and the color of the shoe makes it look somewhat old and dirty. The sneaker literally looks like its been worn by my father on our actual Grand Canyon trip we took over 30 years ago (no really)! We all know I am a huge advocate for the latest fashion trends but this one just doesn’t make sense.
Exploring the grandpa sneaker trend with Kristen Taekman. How do you rock this look?
My next look focuses on the “throwback” sneaker. I based my look all around these Nike Air Force 1 Mid Sneakers. This is my version of street chic. The sneakers are a bit different than your average pair of Stan Smiths but they aren’t too over the top. This is what I consider as a “happy medium”. 2018 is all about Nike and their throwback Air sneakers! This pair also has the “gum soles” which is another “it” shoe trend this season. The gum soles are great because they prevent your shoes from looking dirty from daily wear. Since it’s still freezing in NYC, I layered up for this look. These sneakers look much better when paired with cropped jeans; they almost feel as if you’re wearing a boot! I opted for the army green because I love the way it looks when paired with a camel coat. Street chic right?!
Exploring the grandpa sneaker trend with Kristen Taekman. How do you rock this look?
My final look…the sock shoe trend! Ok…can we all admit this is a bit odd yet somehow chic? I guess this is one of those styles that is so wrong it looks right. The sock-like sneakers are popping up everywhere and are in high demand. I would say my favorite style is the Balenciaga Speed Trainer; super sleek and one of the trendiest on the market. I went with the Fenty Puma Sock Sneaker because if Rihanna wears and designed them…they must be trendy. I made this into more of “it’s about the shoe” look. Simple pair of black shorts and oversized jean jacket did the trick!
All in all, the latest sneaker trend may not be my personal favorite but if it’s featured in Vogue and all the fashionistas are wearing them, I better stay on trend. I mean if it’s cool enough for Kendall Jenner than by golly it’s cool enough for you and me! It’s truly fascinating that these runway beauties, who were literally wearing stilettos all last season, are now rocking the orthopedic sneaker. It just goes to show how quick fashion evolves. What a difference a season makes. I guess all of us stroller pushing, grocery carrying, sneaker wearing soccer moms have been cool all along!

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The Grandpa Sneaker Trend and How to Wear Them